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Happy 2012

Before ending the year, I had a great opportunity having reflected back the blessings and trials that greeted my path. Realized it was full of challenges, some I have conquered and some I have put aside that will still surely come my way on the upcoming year ahead. Though the most fulfilling one, are not just the blessings I have received, but the guidance that led me to where I am now.

The upcoming year seems to have much more surprises ahead. It fears me, it's shaking my spirit, but I know that the scars of the previous battle that I fought from the previous years, have instilled and engraved great learning that I could use as one of my weapon for the tribulations that are waiting ahead. I will gladly welcome all of these, as it will once again test my spirit, my will, my hope, and my faith.

Happy New year everyone!
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One Hyundai Club Life in Style

There is a saying that goes “Good shoes take you to good places”. This January, it won’t be just good shoes taking you to the best places in the world. With the One Hyundai Club Life in Style event, brace yourself for a wonderful vacation in one of the world’s top tourist destinations—South Korea! Imagine yourself roaming old palaces and stopping by nooks where you can feast in delectable bulgogi. Or relive romantic scenes from your favorite Koreanovela as you go around the town. With or without good shoes, your dream holiday might just come true.

Get a chance to win a Trip for 2 to South Korea with the One Hyundai Club Life in Style Event!

Set out for an unforgettable vacation in 2012 with the chance to win a trip for two to South Korea! Join us at the One Hyundai Club Life in Style Event, the ultimate lifestyle affair to usher in the New Year, brought to you by Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI), the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the country. Happening at 12:00 NN to 9:00 PM on the 14th of January 2012 at the Glorietta Activity Center, Glorietta Mall, Makati, the event takes you on a tour of best-in-class lifestyle possibilities offered by some of the top brands in the metro, plus exciting prizes that will be given away through the raffle draws*!

With over a hundred partner merchants, the event is filled with lifestyle activities that will surely engage each and every member of the family. Participants can choose from a wide array of exciting workshops and sessions such as wardrobe consultation for men and women, cooking demos, indoor rock climbing and rappelling, wellness haven and skin consultations, to name a few. Bond with your family and friends through the various sections in the lifestyle event such as travel-themed photo booths, miniature golf, air hockey, foosball and more!

Making your dream vacation a reality is easy. Start the year with a three-day, two-night trip for two to South Korea. Experience a truly modern premium lifestyle only from Hyundai. Live the life. Live it in style.

* The “Win a Trip for Two to South Korea” promo is open to all One Hyundai Club (OHC) members who received their Loyalty Card Numbers by January 10, 2012. Non-OHC members who are Hyundai vehicle owners can also participate by becoming a One Hyundai Club member. Visit to become an OHC member. You may also register for the event at Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 9861 Series of 2011.

Gadget Giveaway at the One Hyundai Club Life in Style Event

Nothing beats that feeling when you’re ahead of the crowd with hot gadgets in your hands. Whether it’s a glossy tablet or a sleek do-it-all touchphone, you’ll surely be the center of envy! Friends won’t be able to resist taking a peek at your high-tech toy as you tinker through limitless apps right at your fingertips! Imagine having the gadget you’ve always wanted – FOR FREE!

This January 2012, make your dream come true without spending a peso through a downpour of the hottest gadgets and gizmos from the ultimate lifestyle affair of the year—the One Hyundai Club Life in Style Event, brought to you by Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the country. Get the chance to win the latest gadgets – ranging from tablets to smartphones – at 12:00 NN to 9:00 PM on the 14th of January 2012 at the Glorietta Activity Center, Glorietta Mall, Makati. The event takes you on a tour of the best-in-class lifestyle possibilities offered by some of the top brands in the metro, plus exciting prizes that will be given away through the raffle draws*!

With over a hundred partner merchants, the event is filled with lifestyle activities that will surely engage each and every member of the family. Participants can choose from a wide array of exciting workshops and sessions such as wardrobe consultation for men and women, cooking demos, indoor rock climbing and rappelling, wellness haven and skin consultations, to name a few. Bond with your family and friends through the various sections in the lifestyle event such as travel-themed photo booths, miniature golf, air hockey, foosball and more!

Join us and get ahead of the crowd with the latest in technology! Live the life. Live it in style.

*The “Gadget Giveaway” promo is open to all One Hyundai Club (OHC) members who will register at the event microsite on or before January 10, 2012 and complete the required event passport stamps on the day of the event. Non-OHC members who are Hyundai vehicle owners can also participate by becoming a One Hyundai Club member. Visit to become an OHC member, and register for the event at on or before January 10, 2012. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 9861 Series of 2011.
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WFP Supports the Government Response to Sendong-affected Communities

Tropical Storm Washi (locally known as “Sendong”) which hit Northern Mindanao over the weekend, caused massive flooding, flashfloods and landslides, resulting in the death of over 1,000 people. Some 285,000 people have been displaced, many of whom are taking refuge with relatives or in makeshift structures. The World Food Programme (WFP) is responding to the Philippine Government’s request for international support and is mobilizing to assist 220,000 of the most vulnerble persons, many of whom have limited access to nutritious food and clean drinking water. Augmenting government’s relief efforts, WFP assistance, at the initial phase of the response, focuses on providing fortified ready-to-eat foods as well as logistics support to the Philippine government and humanitarian agencies.

Photo credit: WFP/John Javellana/Philippines
World Food Programme/Philippines’ National Ambassador Against Hunger, KC Concepcion, and WFP Country Director and Representative, Stephen Anderson visit communities affected by Tropical Storm Washi in Cagayan de Oro City. WFP, in partnership with the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development, is distributing fortified ready-to-eat food to highly affected families in evacuation centers.

# # #

WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Each year, on average, WFP feeds more than 90 million people in more than 70 countries.

WFP now provides RSS feeds to help journalists keep up with the latest press releases, videos and photos as they are published on For more details see:

WFP has a dedicated ISDN line in Italy for quality two-way interviews with WFP officials.

For more information please contact Mei Nebreja at, Tel. : +63 2 750 2561 local 2430, Mobile: +63 917 5713 162
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Jump in Resting Heart Rate Increases Death Risk

by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

People whose heart rates increased from under 70 beats per minute to more than 85 beats per minute over 10 years had a 90 percent increased chance of dying from heart disease, compared to people whose heart rates stayed under 70 beats per minute (Journal of the American Medical Association, December 21, 2011). The average age of those studied was 52. Resting heart rate measurements were taken at the start of the study, and again 10 years later.

Image from
First thing when you wake up in the morning, count your pulse in your neck. If it is above 70 beats per minute, you probably should try to follow a heart attack prevention program. People who have resting heart rates higher than 85 often have weak hearts and should check with their doctors immediately. They are at high risk for heart disease. A normal resting heart rate is usually between 60 to 70 beats per minute, while healthy endurance athletes often have resting pulse rates below 50. The weaker the heart muscle, the less blood it pumps with each beat. Therefore it has to beat more often.

Most cases of heart disease are reversible with immediate lifestyle changes. Prevention of heart disease includes:
  • Dietary changes: Severely restrict red meat, sugared drinks, all foods with added sugars, and fried foods. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and other seeds.
  • Exercise: Benefits increase markedly when you exercise every day.
  • Avoid smoking or taking more than two drinks a day (A drink is 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, and 2/3rds of a shot glass).
  • Lose weight and fat if overweight
  • Grow muscle
  • Check for vitamin D deficiency.

Dr.Mirkin's reports and opinions are for information only, and are not intended to diagnose or prescribe. For your specific diagnosis and treatment, consult your doctor or health care provider.

For more information visit

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Adidas Philippine Range Collection 2011

The iconic three-stripe brand, adidas, proudly launches the fourth installment of the Philippine Range collection. Featuring jackets and t-shirts that are playing on the Philippine flag’s trademark colors, adidas offers a fresh and modern take on the Philippine Range collection with its minimalist design.

Blue, red, white, with a few touches of yellow – this month, wear these colors with pride as the adidas Philippine Range collection makes for a major street cred-worthy look. adidas yet again showcases their attention to details as the patriotic line is simple and not too literal when it comes to their design aesthetic.

Go all in on Filipino pride as the collection features stylized Pilipinas seals and statement tees while also donning three bold stripes running down on its sleeve. Tiny details, reminiscent of the flag, are also found where three stars and a sun lie on its urban designs. The adidas logo is then stitched at the front. Complementing the premium jackets, the round-neck statement T-shirts feature the same clean and nationalistic chic design elements.

The adidas Philippine range collection originally debuted in 2007. Continuously celebrating individuality, adidas let’s you express your eagerness to express your national identity and gives you the opportunity to hold your head up high with swagger confidence. The adidas Philippine Range is available at adidas stores nationwide.

For more information, visit
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Run United Cebu Caps Off a Busy Year for Unilab Active Health

Run United Cebu next weekend, which is expected to attract 5,000 participants, is a fitting finale to what has been quite a busy year for Unilab Active Health.

The run race in the ‘Queen City of the South’ is the fifth and final leg of the Run United Provincial Series, which had successful runs in Davao, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Baguio.

“We could not have chosen a better venue for our culminating event this year. We hear that response for Run United Cebu is quite good and that the number of registrants is nearing our target number of participants,” said Alex Panlilio, Head of Unilab Active Health.

Registration sites for Run United Cebu are Toby's in SM City Cebu, Runnr in Ayala Center Cebu, and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) office at the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) or online through To avoid errors, Run Unted uses the first ever iPad automated registration in the country.

“Our target number of participants for Run United Cebu is higher than in races in other provinces because Cebu ranks second to Manila in terms of number of runners. So we expect the highest turnout, among our provincial races, next weekend,” said Rio dela Cruz, Head of RunRio Inc., the organizer of Run United series.

There will be five race categories at Run United Cebu, which includes 500m dash for kids, 3k, 5K, 10K, and 21K. It will be held on December 18 at the Cebu IT Park. There will be no cut-off time for the 21k category.

Registration fee is P500 for the 21K, P400 for the 10K, P350 for the 5K, and P200 for the 500-meter dash, which will have two age categories—kids 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old.

“We want every member of the family to participate, so we have a race category for kids as well. We were the first to feature a 500m dash. We want to start them young and to keep the kids active, away from too much computer games and television,” said dela Cruz.

Run United participants will get a limited edition race singlet, bib-tag timing chip and a finisher's sports bag. Runners as well as their families and friends can get more freebies and product samples at the Unilab Active Health Village for the Active Kids, Active Adults and Active Seniors. Fun games and photo booth stations are also available at the venue.

The Run United series and the other events of Unilab Active Health — Bike United and Tri United, are in line with Unilab’s advocacy to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among Filipino families.

“More and more Filipinos are really getting into the active bandwagon. We will remain committed towards providing them with high-quality events to keep them active and healthy,” added Panlilio.

Indeed, Unilab Active Health has lined up bigger and better things next year. Dela Cruz and Panlilio recently announced the inclusion of a 42K or full marathon in the Run United race categories.

Thus, Run United Philippine Marathon will be the culminating event of the Run United Series in Metro Manila every year. Thus, the sequence of events would be as follows: Run United 1 in March; Run United 2 in June; Run United 3 in September; and Run United Philippine Marathon in October. The exact dates are yet to be finalized and announced together with the full 2012 Unilab Active Health Calendar.
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My Longest, Their Shortest, My Fastest, Their Slowest

The challenge of running varies from the different level of route difficulties which also ranges from the required time, speed, terrain, distance, and etc. Thus we may say that each race is surely unique from each in one way or another. Runners who may be great in sprints may not be that good in longer distances, and long distance runners may not also be good in sprints. But in today's generation, I think with a lot of buzz going around about who's better and who's not, the answer lies through an Athlete's fitness level, will, and determination.

My longest, their shortest

Last September this year, my officemate Leo (ChickenLegSaga) and I joined a race distance not common to our regular races. It was our longest run, and I could say one of the biggest decision we have made in terms of running, where up to a day before the event, we were still unsure if we really should continue and show up on the race, but yes we still showed up and conquered those insecurities.

The race I'm talking about was the Tagaytay-to-Nasugbu 50K Ultramarathon (2011 PAU=T2N). And there goes the irony. For us who are not used to running these kind of long-distance races, a 50-kilometer event already seems like a grueling competition, ready to eat us up anytime within the day, as if all of our strength will be sucked up in no time. For an average runner like me, a 3-km distance is the shortest distance that I could join to. But for Ultramarathoners, a 50-km distance is just like saying "we're joining a 3-kilometer race"!

Pre-race juggles

Before finally deciding to register for the 2011 50K PAU-T2N, Leo and I have been planning about how are we going to form our support team, and the trainings and preparation that we should do. For the support team, I remember Kuya JJ (Junar Layug) from Team Ungas. He already mentioned to me a few months back that I could count on him should time comes when I would already decide to join an Ultramarathon. As for Leo, his Team CB (Cool Buddies) are always there to support him.

Taking a rest before the race

While for the trainings, we haven't properly executed our training plans, and we can't even dedicate more time into training due to office and other schedule conflicts. Realized, it's not only the time that we really lack, but also the motivation to train and prepare very well! We were only able to train once on an LSD for a distance of around 25-km more than a month before the event. That was my very first LSD training in an ultra-pace that it has drained me so much! The muscle ache that I got was more intense, and the fatigue stayed much longer. My body, during that time, wasn't still used to a continuous slower pace training!

After this LSD, we were back in our old selves of getting busy at work. But it was also during this LSD that we were able to find something that could motivate us more - to give back to our Community through the Charity Organizations we have chosen. With the help of some friends, we were able to raise a frugal amount and a number of in-kind donations for Give a Life Children's Foundation and Anawim Lay Missions Foundation Inc.

Race day

Meeting place for Team Ungas participants was at the Robinson's Pioneer at 2AM. I only had around 1.5 hours of sleep since I still attended a Blogger event, which paid-off having won a pair of Skechers Pro-Speed shoes. Although, I was nervous as hell thinking that the 1.5 hours of sleep might not sustain me for the race day. Just before going to our meeting place, I taped my knees (for my ITBS) and my feet (for the plantar fasciitis). These are some injuries that I don't want to feel while doing my very first Ultramarathon.

Team Ungas before the race started

We arrived at the venue (Tagaytay) with enough time to prepare, claim our race bib, do a warm-up, and take some photos. Seeing the runners and some friends whom I never thought are also into Ultra running made the event more feisty. I also heard from the PAU-T2N veterans that this event is much full with newbie Ultra runners as compared to last year's PAU-T2N.

Minutes before the gun-start, I was feeling anxious and unsure about myself if I really should continue the race. I don't know why but it feels abnormal doing this race and at the same time, I feel that something's really missing. As the gun-start fired, I was looking down on the road and started to walk really slow so as to let all the participants go ahead of me until I'm the only one left at the back. The route immediately started with a slightly uphill road, but the cool weather is really inviting. Our support crew on the van from Team Ungas with Jeric Estabillo (who was coerced to become one of our support crew only a few days before the event) noticed me and asked if I am okay. I signaled them that I am fine and told them to just go ahead as they also have to lookout not only for me but with another newbie Ultramarathon runner (Che Calleja).

Runners headed after the gunstart

A few more minutes of sulking at the back of the pack, I knew that there was no more backing out so I started to walk in my normal speed and put in some few jogs to keep my body warm. As the sun slowly peeps out from the horizon of the hills of Tagaytay road, I started to keep up with some runners and friends. Unlike during road races, running an Ultramarathon race could give you more time to talk with other runners, which I did so I could keep my pace slower and reserve the energy and pains for the last part.

The first familiar participant whom I kept up with was Leo who was also reserving much of his energy. He asked me how my plantar fasciitis was doing, which I replied it's already starting to knock. Leo then told me to just go on and run the pace which I am more used and comfortable to than force myself to slow down but suffer injuries as a result. So I went on ahead of him, still keeping the slow pace which I think I really need to keep since I know my body doesn't have such stamina to last a race of more than 5 hours.

Next runner to have a conversation with was RocketBong, who is no longer new with Ultramarathons and with the PAU-T2N race/route. He vividly shared to me his PAU-T2N debut, and gave some advices on when and where to give out my all, what's to be expected ahead, and the temperature changes once we get to Batangas area. At the end of our conversation, he let me go ahead and gave me a packet of energy gel (thank you very much Bong).

As I went on through the route, I had few more conversations with other participants, even those whom I never knew I could have conversation with. The race became like a run of a family as runners are all friendly with each other and much approachable that made the environment full and no room for boredom. The troll-like haired runner Mr. Greeneyes who I thought was not a serious runner with his signature green wig was also a participant and is pacing with another runner. Aileen Roque was also doing her first Ultramarathon and being paced by BoyPra (both from UP Heartbreakers). Ms. GailCon (a colleague from Blogging world) was as well doing her first Ultramarathon. Other participants from Team CB, TKR, from the ARC community, HOB, Team Boring, and etc. were all enjoying the race as well.

with fellow Ungas runner and Ungas support

My mind also got refreshed of the faces of some runners whom I first got a glance with a few years back but haven't seen in the road races anymore. I realized, they are already enjoying Ultramarathons much more than the road races.

The support crews from other participants were all friendly and helpful as well, all of them were so kind to offer their hydration, banana, coolers, and energy drinks to me even those who I'm absolutely sure that we both don't know each other. And these kind acts are enough for a stranger runner to get re-fueled and motivated back. Aside from our own support crew from Team Ungas, the support crews of the UP Heartbreakers (Tita Glo and Jeff Amurao), Team HOB (Papa Racs and company), and another support crew with no team banner were always there to ask if I need a hand or offers cold refill of my hydration. Tita Glo and Jeff even went further by letting me use ahead the seat and foot-rest intended for their own runner ;)

Savoring the cold water while seated at the
mobile sala/kitchen setup by Tita Glo

I got chicked
("the act of getting passed by a stronger woman athlete" - Soleus Running)

With all these camaraderie, the whole running scene really didn't felt like a competition at all, but a friendly family game and adventure. It's the kind of feeling I missed from my early days of running. My previous sulking when the race started, the unsurety of what I am doing, and the feel of something missing were all gone and the race became fun and joyous.

In contrast, the only time that I feel the competition comes back is whenever the legendary and history-plotter Ultramarathoner Irene Ong comes into view LOL! It's been always normal whenever I get "chicked" in road races, but it is also a great motivation for me to do better whenever this happens.

I have witnessed for myself how strong Irene can go, and admittedly, call me p**sy for making it like I'm competing against a woman, but for me, there will always be many things that we could learn from a stronger athlete (man or woman). And for this, yes I learned a trick from Irene. She deserves respect with how she does her craft and I salute her for her will, determination, and strength. I also learned and realized that a stronger woman should not always be viewed as a competitor, but someone whom you can draw inspiration and motivation of.

The hardest

After covering more than 35 kilometers in around 5 hours, the sun's heat started to reveal its unforgiving touch. With all the others runners starting to show up their seriousness, I think the time spent for leisure is more than enough and the clock's now ticking to put more work and intensity for the race before the sun burn ahead all the energy that I have reserved.

Although, the remaining distance was no longer easy, as my body started suffering from lack of LSD trainings. My legs are now cramping and already rejecting the Salonpas. My sweat is no longer coming out but my body smells aweful from the sweat that has dried up because of the sun's heat. At kilometer 40 where our support van stationed after giving aid to our other companions who are still behind, I changed my shirt, re-fueled, and had my final bite of bread and refilled my hydration.

The long road to Batangas

Only 10 kilometers left, but the torture to my cramping legs was already unbearable, coupled with the sun's heat that made the remaining distance seems much longer. I tied my left leg with the bandana I'm carrying with me so I could still sustain a slow to moderate jog as walking under the sun felt like it would drain me out. After covering some few meters, the other leg would also cramp, and I have to transfer the only bandana I have to tie the cramping leg. I've been alternating the tying of my legs with the bandana as the cramps kept on transferring from one leg to another.

In between these final route going to Nasugbu Municipal Hall where the finish line is, the highway is deserted aside from the trees which are away from the streets that made the sun's rays rule the route. Speeding vehicles/jeepneys with topload carrier also abounds the highway. I could only imagine should there be a dehydrated runner alone and swaying on its way, a passing or incoming vehicle (if you're at the opposite direction) would surely hit and knock him hard. Thankfully this never happened!

As I push on after more than 43 kilometers, I thought to myself that I have already started crossing from the boundary of a Marathoner, and now entering the door towards being an Ultramarathoner. But as I reached around 47th kilometer, the thought of lack of training kept up with me as I could no longer make my legs extend further. I have to run with much smaller steps! I still have water in one of my hydration bottle but I can't seem to swallow it any longer! I don't also want to pour it to my head nor to my burning legs as it would further the cramps I'm suffering. At this point, all I could think of is "it would be much easier to die than to finish the remaining 3 kilometers."

Finish Line

Nevertheless, I was still able to get out from the hallucinations of dying in the middle of the highway as I enter the Municipality proper and finished the entire race in 7 hours and 27 seconds. As my name was called to receive the Finisher's medal, I silently told BaldRunner that this race gave me the hardest race I have ever joined, to which, he just smiled and replied back: "ito ang pinaka-maikli at pinaka-madaling race natin" (this is the shortest and easiest of our races) -- I was stunned while smiling at the cameramen taking our photos!

Race Profile:
Category: 50km
Official Time: 07:00:27
Official Ranking: 108th out of 202 Finishers

Race Info:
When: September 17, 2011.
Where: Tagaytay/Nasugbu
Event: 2nd PAU-T2N

Official race result may be viewed from BaldRunner's blog or here.

Donation report

With the help of some of our friends from the running community, we were able to raise a thrift amount and some assorted used clothes for our two beneficiaries. And as promised, though it has been a late report, below are the details of the funds we have raised:

Php 950.00 - Tita Nora
Php 1,400.00 - Team CB
Php 600.00 - Marvin Pangan
Php 500.00 - Maridol Yabut
Php 1,050.00 - Anonymous donors
  • Php 4,500.00 - TOTAL FUNDS RAISED
  • Used assorted clothes and a pair of Running Shoe - Ms. Z Villarin
  • Used assorted shirts - Anonymous donor
The total donations were distributed to our two beneficiaries as follows:
Anawim Lay Missions Foundation
- Assorted clothes and pair of running shoe + Php 2,000.00 cash donation

Give a Life Charity Foundation Inc.
- Php 2,500.00 cash donation

To everyone who have been part of our endeavor and opened their pockets for our cause, we express our deepest thank you and gratitude. We share to you the gladness of smile and happiness that our beneficiary have felt as we handed them the donations you have extended.

Below are the contact details of the beneficiaries should you also wish to extend support to these Charity Organizations.

Anawim Lay Missions Foundation Inc.
#60 Chicago St., Cubao, Quezon City
E-Mail address:
Tel#: (02) 710-5273

Give a Life Charity Foundation Inc.
E-Mail address: /
Tel#: 0922-819-7104

Enjoy some more photos below taken during the race (also thanks to Jeric for some of the photos).

Ultra Irene

Leaving Tagaytay, Entering Batangas
Final view of Taal lake
Our loyal and hard-working support crews - Andy and Jeric
Can you decrypt what's on their shirt?
Welcome arch to Nasugbu
Ate Glo and Jeff on their support logistics
One of those friendly creatures you would pass along the way
with Aaron and Paul at a Tri-Jeepney
Team Ungas after a sumptuous post-race Bulalo feast at Tagaytay
Special thanks also goes to Jeric, for offering and sacrificing your time at the very last minute to become one of our support crew. And to Kuya Junar Layug and the members of Team Ungas, this wouldn't have been more possible without your help, and for spending your time for me to get acquainted with the group and be with your support van. Team Ungas have played a big role in materializing this endeavor. All hands up and salute to the team!
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Soleus GPS Digital Sports Watch

GPS (global positioning system) watches, admit it or not, have always been a great help for runners, hikers, mountain climbers, and cyclists in tracking their location or the distance they have covered from point A to point B. Some of my running friends also benefitted from the GPS feature of their GPS watch when they have first braved the climbing/hiking to Pico De Loro. They got lost along the way but later found where they're heading with the help of the image-plotting feature of the said GPS watch.

On my solo trainings, one of my problems with doing an LSD (long steady distance) is my unfamiliarity with the metro roads, and the distance that I would cover should I try to run towards a specific location. Even going round and round to an oval track until I completed my goal distance mostly confuses me with remembering the total distance I have already covered after how many laps.

Sure there are a lot of GPS watches already available in the online market and retail stores, but what holds me with buying one are the price consideration, and the bulk size of the watch that comes with a typical GPS sports watch.

Thankfully though, Soleus - a new watch Company came to our shores to introduce to us the unique pride of their GPS sports watches. I already have one and the thing that I like about it is that its size is just enough for my small wrist. Another thing that I could boast of about this sports watch is its great value being the best priced GPS watch in the market, currently retailed at Php 6,150.00 only. You might say, the features are as cheap as its price and you'll get what you pay for! My answer: It might seem too good to be true, but it's real! It has been instilled to us that that's what only our money's worth but Soleus really KNOWS THE VALUE OF OUR MONEY as Soleus sports watches are created from the runner's point-of-view.

Soleus GPS 1.0
I have already tested its GPS feature during my 15.5km break-in run last November 30 which recorded an accurate distance of my route as also plotted via Runkeeper. During the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore last December 4, 2011, it recorded the full Marathon route at total distance of 43.51 kilometers in 5 hours and 21:55 minutes. Analyzing the race further, I was at the last wave of runners so the GPS did measure including all the criss-crossings that I made along the route from overtaking the runners until around kilometer 14. I also made some turn backs to take photos of the cheerers, jugglers, and the sights along the route.

To cap it off, here're some of its features that I am impressed about, aside from the features laid on the image below:

Time Zone
Aside from the two (2) time displays to choose from, there are also over 100 cities from which you can set your time zone. The time even automatically updates in GPS mode when it detects that you are on that time zone.

Tired of manually keeping track of your distance on a race while looking for kilometer markers just so you could press the 'lap' button on your sports watch? The Soleus GPS 1.0 have an auto-lap feature which does this for you either in intervals of every 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 kilometers/miles.

User Settings
The Soleus GPS 1.0 watch also tracks the calories you have burned, and to accurately keep track of this, it needs some of your personal information where the burned calorie algorithm computation gets its data from, which are the gender, age, weight, and height. Aside from this, you can also set the distance to measure either in kilometer (metric) or miles format.

Important information are displayed not so big and not too small that helps with quick glancing to get your data while on the run.

As Soleus watches are created for runners, you will see a unique sayings (they call squiffs) at the back of each Soleus watch. For the GPS 1.0, the squiff reads "May the course be with you".

For other models:
Chicked: "Sanity is slow, run wild"
Tigress: "I eat miles for breakfast"
PR: "Run. Race. P.R. Repeat"
Ultra Sole: "Sedentary sucks"

The only downside (for now) of the Soleus GPS 1.0 is it's inability to download your data to your computer. But, when the Soleus GPS 2.0 becomes available, you may buy the separate USB cable/charger which can already download data even from the Soleus GPS 1.0 watch. It's only a cable difference and your watch is already upgraded!

Press Release:

Austin-based watch company, Soleus Running, announces the global launch of their new GPS 1.0 Digital Sports Watch. The Soleus GPS 1.0 with an SRP of Php 6,150 is formally launched this Holiday 2011 in select retailers. Soleus watches are premier quality timepieces for the professional and casual runner or for an active lifestyle consumer.

The Soleus GPS 1.0 has everything you need and nothing you don't. Simple and easy to use, the Soleus GPS 1.0 will allow runners to accurately track their pace, speed and distance. Auto lap splits at every mile and the night light mode helps for late night runs and training. Soleus GPS 1.0 uses global positioning satellites orbiting miles above the Earth to help consumers navigate their runs, walks, or hikes. Consumers can also use the Soleus GPS 1.0 to track the number of calories burned during their daily workouts. Last but not least, Soleus GPS 1.0 has a compact design which makes it one of the smallest GPS watches on the market today.

Soleus GPS 1.0 Features
More information about Soleus and their latest products may be found by visiting the following links:
Aktibong Pinoy
Soleus Philippines Facebook Page
Soleus Running
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My First GPS Sports Watch

November 28, 2011 - It was a silent celebration of my birthday as I reach the maximum day of a calendar month, I didn't expect anything good or surprising to happen as I just let the day pass-by while busy with the responsibility transitions in the office. My only appointment for the day was the Soleus Blogger's Night at the Texas Roadhouse Grill in BGC, Taguig (thanks to Sir Jeff Paulino for the invite).

My old Breitling
The last time that I remember when I first heared about Soleus was during the 2011 Merrell Adventure Run. They were one of the sponsor for the top finishers' prizes. That race was also the last time that I used my 1-year old Timex watch which was already previously repaired, case replaced, but still gave up after a few more usage.

Since then, on my succeeding races, I've been using my old, almost-dilapidated watch (replaced bracelet, scratched glass, faded face) that was given to me by my Mom when I was still in first year College. It became a multi-purpose watch as it became my office watch, casual watch, and race/sports watch.

Just before the Blogger event, I've been planning to buy a new Timex or a Garmin GPS watch before my birthday ends or if not, at Singapore in time for my Standard Chartered Marathon.

Soleus GPS 1.0
But 'tis the birthday season to be jolly as I got to be one of the lucky bloggers on the event who was picked during the raffling of GPS 1.0 digital sports watch. It was indeed a great birthday gift from Soleus. I was able to put a 15.5km break-in run to test its features, and I could say the GPS is really accurate as it measured my usual V.Luna-UP route much the same as when I have plotted the route via RunKeeper.

with Soleus Founder Mr. David Arnold, Mr. Thumbie Remigio of
 Adrenaline Multisport Group, Me, BarefootDaves, and Ivica Rae
Check out my next post to know more about the features of this greatly valued in the market GPS Digital Sports Watch.
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So Much Gratified

It has been more than three years already since I became active once again in running, slowly regaining my lost agility, and finally got away from the bad habits of staying up to the wee hours of Fridays and Saturday night parties or barhop.

This wouldn't have been much more possible and more sustainable if I haven't enjoyed the races, kept the motivation alive, and loved what I do, which all lead to keeping high and steady my dedication to this sport.

My endeavor with running has also been richly made wonderful by many people around, our batch of running team from the office, the newly found and still growing circle of friends, the Organizations who have trusted my service and capacity to deliver their expectation from me as a Blogger, to the running groups who also welcomed me to their flock, and also to the Companies who in one way or another, have become a part of this addiction to one of life's metaphor - that is running.

For this post, allow me to express my gratitude to those who I owe (directly or indirectly) part of my achievements, material blessings and health benefits that I received from running.

Race Organizers/Providers

Running Teams

Runner's Community

Footwear and their Marketing Partners


And to all the unnamed PR / Media partners, you've all been a big part of me! More power to all of us, and here's to hoping more great events for the coming years ahead.
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