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So Much Gratified

It has been more than three years already since I became active once again in running, slowly regaining my lost agility, and finally got away from the bad habits of staying up to the wee hours of Fridays and Saturday night parties or barhop.

This wouldn't have been much more possible and more sustainable if I haven't enjoyed the races, kept the motivation alive, and loved what I do, which all lead to keeping high and steady my dedication to this sport.

My endeavor with running has also been richly made wonderful by many people around, our batch of running team from the office, the newly found and still growing circle of friends, the Organizations who have trusted my service and capacity to deliver their expectation from me as a Blogger, to the running groups who also welcomed me to their flock, and also to the Companies who in one way or another, have become a part of this addiction to one of life's metaphor - that is running.

For this post, allow me to express my gratitude to those who I owe (directly or indirectly) part of my achievements, material blessings and health benefits that I received from running.

Race Organizers/Providers

Running Teams

Runner's Community

Footwear and their Marketing Partners


And to all the unnamed PR / Media partners, you've all been a big part of me! More power to all of us, and here's to hoping more great events for the coming years ahead.


  1. Very cool post for you to be grateful to those who have inspired you and motivated you the past 3 years. Awesome! Keep going.

  2. Yes Sir Kenley, you see I'm a shy person, I always tend to get shy to voice out a "thank you" to them so I thought of just "somehow immortalize" my gratitude to them through this post. :)


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