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Spirit Within

I was born in the spirit,
and developed heavenly faith;
My heart received sight,
when I reached for God's light.

I encountered many temptations,
was strengthened by recreations;
My heart was full of emotion,
but filled it with devotions.

I walked in the spirit,
and everything has no limit;
My feet fell into the pit,
but carried on as I endure it.

I bear my testimony,
and seal it eternally;
My world revolves joyfully,
as I live with sincerity.

Background: 17Apr1998 @ 1000a, realizing your personal weaknesses is a big step in getting to know your personal self. The Church could better help us in this step.
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Team Lactacyd by RA

When I heard about this one of a kind event, I just suddenly felt an inner excitement, even though I know that I may not be able to join this race since it is an all-women running event.

Woman Power

Upon knowing more about the details from their website, I suddenly thought of the girls from the office, neighbors, and friends whom I could encourage to join. Then for a second, I felt the urge of forming a team of four determined ladies who would like to run, and for me to sponsor forty-percent (40%) of their registration fee (excluding delivery charges, if any). There's nothing in it for me I know, but what I have in mind is with this little generosity, I might be able to encourage more women to start living a healthy lifestyle through running. So the team must compose of at least one newbie runner for the last 3k relay.

For now, I don't know if I would pursue with this idea. Maybe it would depend on my readers (if any) and followers (if there is). So, if there are anyone out there interested, you might want to inspire me more, and help me in forming a team, so just drop me a message (My contact info. is at my About page).

(P.S. I don't know if I am still having a TBR DM hang-over, LOL!)
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Trekking at AyosDito

December last year before the Christmas holiday vacation, I needed to find a hiking bag for my friend which we'll be using for our trail hike. Searching the web is somehow tedious since some results leads you to a lot of vendors outside the country or your region. While googling the keyword item "hiking bag" that I was looking for, I have stumbled at At first thought, what I knew was that is a forum of some kind where members can also post their classifieds. But when I entered the website, I got to know that it is an online marketplace where you can basically buy and sell anything from or to anywhere.

I was intrigued to browse the result at the site and I was amazed about its demographic filtering of search results which made my browsing a lot more easier. So my friend in Baguio who needed the hiking bag was able to contact the vendor who was also in Baguio.

My sister who was then also looking for puppies for sale, was also able to find her choice of pup within minutes of just browsing the ads at

My latest search at

So if you are just a plain buyer who wouldn't want to find a good product from a far away location, it will be easy to find any item within any region at The same thing goes for selling.
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Chasing El Niño

This year marked a new aging on my skin. I have been getting darker and darker each week due to summer heat and non-stop weekly runs. The last time that I've been this dark was when I'm always basked under the sun for the daily chores in our farm. As much as I want to hide from the face of the universal light, I don't even want to stop running. And Neutrogena gave us another opportunity to expose ourselves and be up on the challenge in chasing the sun, or to have the sun chase us!

Starting the Chase (photo courtesy of Berns)

Before the event, I have been thinking about who was the runner-model on the registration form and poster ad of this event. I got surprised when I stumbled on the youtube video of Neutrogena Run that it was our TBR idol herself - Ms. Jaymie Pizarro.

I have decided to have this race as my last mid-distance run for the week since I'll be needing the remaining 5 days to rest my body, recover the lost calories, and restore some fuels for the upcoming Judgment day. At the same time, I was being conservative with my efforts because I was afraid that I might injure myself. I don't want to get any kind of injury specially at the last minute of my most anticipated marathon.

Hiding from the Sun

I was really running at my slower pace of about 6:30 to 7:00 min/km when some guy at my back called me: "Dude... taga Takbo ka din di ba?" I was impressed that the guy had such kind of friendliness to get my attention and chat up with me although he has only seen my back, and how did he recognize me from my back? Then I told him "Oo, kaso hindi naman ako active sa forum, madalang din akong mag-login dun eh!". After a while, we shared our handle name that we're using at, and I was surprised that the friendly guy was Mr. Argonaut himself.

After a few meters of running with Argow, he already went and run ahead of me, while I'm still carefully maintaining my pace and strides so as to avoid any kind of injury or pains however small it is. While running though towards the turn around point, I can't stop but to worry about beating my previous 15K PR at Mizuno, but at the same time, I was also getting paranoid about getting injured.

Passing the half-split of the race, I crossed with Mish (whom we first met during the Condura Run 2010), and Irene - our AnR Ortigas buddy who had her 15k debut on this event (congrats to you Irene!).

Hydration belt's on the loose

What made this run exciting to me on my last few meters from the finish line was, the great and unexpected sprinting challenge with runner number 0483. He was on a Tri-outfit and about to dash his way towards the finish line. And as he released his last deep breath, the two of us were instinctively already trying to outrun each other, giving out our all and our best and fastest stride towards the finish line. We were running side-by-side until.... my hydration belt fell. I could've went straight to give the challenge a good shot, but I also got worried that the hydration belt might get lost. My allowance for the day and cellphone's inside the pocket. So with dismay, I slowed down and picked-up the hydration belt, and carried on towards the finish line. The guy was still on the finish line with a big, friendly smile, waiting for me, and as I crossed 7 seconds after him, he offered his sporty hand gesture with me.

Skin-color chasing with Coach Rio

Runners who where chased by the Sun (photo courtesy of Sir Rene)

The event was a huge success, it is one of the races that is very organized! A sunblock lotion was generously applied to every runners prior to the race start. There were also some post-race pamperings and booths such as the free massage area, resting camps/tents, trampoline with photo-op, bottomless drinks from carefree, a very generous giveaways courtesy of Johnson and Johnson, and a nice, comfy cotton finisher's shirt from Team Manila.

MinnieRunner, Sir Rene, and RunningAtom

Burned runner with the carefree ladies

Race Profile:
Distance: 15 km.
Official Time: 01:20:25
Official Ranking: 48th out of 353 overall 15k runners

Race Info:
When: May 16, 2010.
Where: Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Chase The Sun: Neutrogena Run 2010

You may download the official race results here.
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Dead After The Sunset

(Another extra late post!)

A few days before this exciting event, I tried to reminisce my first half-marathon attempt more than a decade ago. That attempt was unexpected, disheartening, and really body cramping! Comparing it now, I could say that at this time, I am much more than prepared and fit to re-brave another 13.1 mile distance.

Although at first, I was very hesitant to join this event. MinnieRunner, ChickenLegs, and ProgRunner registered as early as they can while I was left behind on a corner still contemplating of why will I join and if I would really join! But after a few days of thinking, I thought "who would want to be left out on an out-of-town, and unique sunset run event?" Well, the encouragement of joining longer distances was because of Ms. Kundiman, and Sir Rene's inspiration of getting out from our comfort zone, and also for me to get trained for my upcoming TBR Dream Marathon.

With Timmy and Kassy

Come race day, I travelled to Kassy's house together with Trick for our shuttle service courtesy of Timmy Dadia (hey, thanks bro!). The travel going to Nuvali was full of fun as Timmy never stopped shuffling his play lists and made us shake and rock our heads (I think one of the passengers had her heart quiver, sshhhh... ) with every beat of the music. In no time with a little traffic upon entering Nuvali, we arrived early enough for us to get fueled up at Razon's, roam around the venue, and have some photo shoot before the race.

Few minutes before the race assembly for the 21k, Me and Kassy warmed-up together for a few minutes of running. I was afraid that I might trigger her foot's plantar fasciitis pains as early as 5:20PM but I felt the need to have our warm-up run so off we went for a round of not less than 600 meters and some stretchings. At the starting line, we saw James and some runner/bloggers that we've got to know in our AnR sessions - JP, and Maan. Then for around 5 minutes, fitness instructors lead us in another session of stretchings and warm up which made my engine roared for a "good-to-go" signal.

The Challenge Begins

Off for the race without a gun-start (there's still a gun ban!), I felt a sudden rush of my adrenaline. But having learned from my previous races, I was able to get in control of the involuntary push, thus I was able to keep a slow starting pace. In just a short while, a lot of runners have already passed me by, from the elite-looking runners, basketball-players-turned-into-a-runner, leisure runners, and even strongly-aged runners. I suddenly felt weak as these runners pass by and leave me with their unforgiving dust.

At each hydration pass, there's always an available water and 100plus drinks for rehydration. Since my hydration pack only has a 500ml gatorade, I opted to take a sip from these stations to be able to reserve my gatorade for the last few kilometers when the water stations have already dried up. There was also a banana available at around 8th to 9th kilometer, and warm sponges that didn't helped much to cool down my body.

The Sunset

A few kilometers before reaching the halfway, I was able to witness the grandeur of the Sunset at the Greenfield City. It was awesomely inspiring, giving me sudden relief from the physical and mental fatigue and stress of City life. I wish I had a good camera to capture this spectacular sunset. I remember the last time that I witnessed such a beautiful Sunset was when I was still in my third year high school in Baguio, together with my brother on a hill near Irisan Cemetery. As the sun bids goodbye for the day, the wind was also much cooler, and I could smell the farm-like smell (combination of grass and horse or buffalo crap odors) that I have missed for two decades already.

The best that my camera can capture :(

On The Half-Split

Passing the 11th kilometer mark at an elapsed time of 1:08, I added up a few speed on my pace while I mentally analyzed my energy level and physical capacity if I could still run the remaining 10 kilometers. It isn't that dark yet, my sweat is just enough, my legs and feet are still landing properly, my hips (and core) can still hold the weight of my upper body, and my pace and breathing is still on par. So based on my personal assessment, I concluded that my body can go on for the remaining distance. I think the absence of the sun has also helped me preserve my energy, as well as the wind that helps to keep us cool.

After a few moment, I crossed by JP (our buddy at AnR Ortigas group), Kassy, and for a few kilometers, I was also running side-by-side (not really side-by-side, I was at his back, hehehe!) with Mr. Patrick Concepcion - one of the man behind the Condura Run.

Beyond My Boundary

Reaching beyond 15 kilometer, I thought it is already time to run my race pace since I could feel that I am still fueled-up and I only have a remaining 6 kilometer distance to complete. But lo and behold, on the 16th kilometer, I suddenly felt uneasiness in my tummy. Immediately I know, it was the effect of drinking carbonated drink. My stomach have never really felt comfortable with 100 plus in all my runs.

Mind Over (tooottt!)....

Here comes the most painful part! The balls of my feet started to feel some ache. I should've took heed of the advice given to me by the Salesman at Runnr when I bought my Boston (the shoe is not meant for longer distances). But that's not what really tested my physical and mental will. I guess Razon's beef tapa and 100plus does not coincide well with each other. My stomach upset kept on going that on each of my strides, I was also controlling my gut to prevent it from erupting in the middle of the race. My head and my eyes can't stop but to look ahead and around for a good place where I could unload and bury the debris from my stomach which growls non-stop. I was targeting a big tree with big leaves so that I could climb up and use its leaves to cover my presence. The leaves will also serve as my sanitary napkin (hey, farm-life, I miss you, lol...)!

Portalets, where art thou?

Reaching... Conquering...

The remaining 6 kilometers seemed too long for me, and the last 30 minutes was the most boring time, excruciatingly painful, and most challenging of all my races. I could feel that in each of my stride, the volcano is about to erupt, and my knees gets weaker and weaker. I can't even run while pressing my stomach just to relieve some pain. I could feel that my lips are drying up, but I'm not thirsty. I am sweating hard, but it is a cold sweat. I am shivering and shaking, but not due to fatigue. As I pass each half-emptied water stations, I can't help but to swear the 100plus in my mind. But at the same time, I was thinking that if I give in to this carbonated drink-induced-nature-call, I would be losing a lot of time. So I just kept on running. I could already hear the emcees announcing something but the sounds are alien to my ears. My brain is floating from nowhere and it was only my eyes that's guiding my feet. I'm already half-zombie!

Finishing... Dying...

A few more meters from the finish line, I tried to run faster, sprinted the remaining distance hoping to reach a portalet where I could finally burst out the madness of my stomach. I didn't even know that finally, there were already photovendo photographers taking our shots. As my timing chip beeped as I stepped on the mat, I felt so exhausted that I needed to breathe in much deeper and breathe out much harder for a while. My body felt numbed all over, my eyes are seeing a lot of random moving tiny colorful lights. I thought I was passing out, so I immediately emptied the remaining gatorade from my hydration pack.

Brain veins are also about to explode!

Not contented with the last drop of my gatorade, I searched for a finish line hydration station but I found none, except for the water dispenser inside the VIP's booth. So I begged the man inside if I could refill my two bottles and I was so thankful that he generously agreed.


After consuming another 500ml of water, I proceeded to claim my finisher's kit and medal. And thankfully, there's another free 350ml summit water inside the kit, I did not spare another time for the water to take a few seconds time-out. I really need to rehydrate and flush out the 100 Plus. Ooopppss... while drinking the water, I forgot that I was previously fighting against the surging LBM, 'coz it was already gone! I think the sprint that I did has made the debris hold tight to the walls of my stomach. A loperamide effect?

After re-gaining my life!

So not wanting to spend my remaining time on a portalet, I lined-up on a free massage booth where I let my feet get pampered with some oil. I just told the masseuse to get hold of her nose 'coz my feet are all wetty and might stink (lol). It was supposed to be a joke but the lady didn't smile upon hearing it, instead, after I have removed my socks, she asked for an alcohol from one of her companion masseuse, and proceeded to liberally apply it in my feet. The other runner beside me just grinned with the masseuse's facial reaction.

Re-fueling with the gang

With and AnR Buddies at the Bus going home

Race Profile:
Distance: 21 km.
Official Time: 02:02:16
Official Ranking: 57th out of 435 overall 21k runners

Race Info:
When: Apr. 24, 2010.
Where: Greenfield City, Laguna
Event: Greenfield City Sunset Run 2010

You may download the official race results here.
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EDR Run Against the Elements

(A super late post!)

A few months after one of the most devastating natural catastrophe from the tropical depression 'Ondoy', Fox Entertainment Group, together with National Geographic Channel, and Design Against the Elements (DAtE), successfully launched their first ever Earth Day Run last April 18, 2010.

The NatGeo EDR 2010, as I have mentioned in my other blog, aims to raise funds for the "building of affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and disaster-resistant model houses that can withstand environmental calamities." The event's success was due to the support of almost 3,500 runners at the grounds of the SM Mall of Asia.

The race was not for me, it is for the next generation

For the record, this was the only race that I have not particularly aimed for a PR or a nice finish. I just wanted to run, have fun, support the goal and aim of the event, get to know more runners and bloggers alike, and finish injury-free. Injury-free because I already have some minor pains from my first trail run event a day before. Thus, I was running during the NatGeo run with some fresh scratch wounds on my legs, muscle, and lower back pains.

Let's love Mother Earth

Me, MinnieRunner, and CaptainRunner arrived almost late on the event. Luckily I don't have any baggage to be deposited at the baggage counter so I was able to join the flock just a few seconds before the gun start for the 10k runners fired-off. The route though seemed too long for me as I get near the finish line, that I started to get bored while running. Upon reaching the finish line, I went straight to the hydration stations and started to pile up with other runners for the free photo booths. And in a few moments, our group met up with Kassy, Timmy, Trick, our sponsors from Agatep (Ms. Nicole, Glaiza, and two other gals whom I forgot to get the names), and some of the bloggers that we've also met at the NatGeo Chat: Yobs, Nicely, and Mekinudol.

Our Agatep friends

So there, all my aims for this race has been completed. I was able to finish the race and help achieve NatGeo's and DAtE's main goal; finish injury-free (or should I say, finish with no additional injuries); and meet more runners/bloggers.

Co-runner-blogger friends

After some photo ops with our co-runners/bloggers, we've enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast from Tapa King, courtesy of Agatep.

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 00:52:58
Official Ranking: 56th out of 1,137 overall 10k finishers

Race Info:
When: Apr. 18, 2010.
Where: SM Mall of Asia
Event: NatGeo Earth Day Run 2010
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Thank You Dad

You are a special man filled with kindness and love.

All that you do has made our life better.

Thank you for being our Dad!
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