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Chasing El Niño

This year marked a new aging on my skin. I have been getting darker and darker each week due to summer heat and non-stop weekly runs. The last time that I've been this dark was when I'm always basked under the sun for the daily chores in our farm. As much as I want to hide from the face of the universal light, I don't even want to stop running. And Neutrogena gave us another opportunity to expose ourselves and be up on the challenge in chasing the sun, or to have the sun chase us!

Starting the Chase (photo courtesy of Berns)

Before the event, I have been thinking about who was the runner-model on the registration form and poster ad of this event. I got surprised when I stumbled on the youtube video of Neutrogena Run that it was our TBR idol herself - Ms. Jaymie Pizarro.

I have decided to have this race as my last mid-distance run for the week since I'll be needing the remaining 5 days to rest my body, recover the lost calories, and restore some fuels for the upcoming Judgment day. At the same time, I was being conservative with my efforts because I was afraid that I might injure myself. I don't want to get any kind of injury specially at the last minute of my most anticipated marathon.

Hiding from the Sun

I was really running at my slower pace of about 6:30 to 7:00 min/km when some guy at my back called me: "Dude... taga Takbo ka din di ba?" I was impressed that the guy had such kind of friendliness to get my attention and chat up with me although he has only seen my back, and how did he recognize me from my back? Then I told him "Oo, kaso hindi naman ako active sa forum, madalang din akong mag-login dun eh!". After a while, we shared our handle name that we're using at, and I was surprised that the friendly guy was Mr. Argonaut himself.

After a few meters of running with Argow, he already went and run ahead of me, while I'm still carefully maintaining my pace and strides so as to avoid any kind of injury or pains however small it is. While running though towards the turn around point, I can't stop but to worry about beating my previous 15K PR at Mizuno, but at the same time, I was also getting paranoid about getting injured.

Passing the half-split of the race, I crossed with Mish (whom we first met during the Condura Run 2010), and Irene - our AnR Ortigas buddy who had her 15k debut on this event (congrats to you Irene!).

Hydration belt's on the loose

What made this run exciting to me on my last few meters from the finish line was, the great and unexpected sprinting challenge with runner number 0483. He was on a Tri-outfit and about to dash his way towards the finish line. And as he released his last deep breath, the two of us were instinctively already trying to outrun each other, giving out our all and our best and fastest stride towards the finish line. We were running side-by-side until.... my hydration belt fell. I could've went straight to give the challenge a good shot, but I also got worried that the hydration belt might get lost. My allowance for the day and cellphone's inside the pocket. So with dismay, I slowed down and picked-up the hydration belt, and carried on towards the finish line. The guy was still on the finish line with a big, friendly smile, waiting for me, and as I crossed 7 seconds after him, he offered his sporty hand gesture with me.

Skin-color chasing with Coach Rio

Runners who where chased by the Sun (photo courtesy of Sir Rene)

The event was a huge success, it is one of the races that is very organized! A sunblock lotion was generously applied to every runners prior to the race start. There were also some post-race pamperings and booths such as the free massage area, resting camps/tents, trampoline with photo-op, bottomless drinks from carefree, a very generous giveaways courtesy of Johnson and Johnson, and a nice, comfy cotton finisher's shirt from Team Manila.

MinnieRunner, Sir Rene, and RunningAtom

Burned runner with the carefree ladies

Race Profile:
Distance: 15 km.
Official Time: 01:20:25
Official Ranking: 48th out of 353 overall 15k runners

Race Info:
When: May 16, 2010.
Where: Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Chase The Sun: Neutrogena Run 2010

You may download the official race results here.



  2. You really get treated good after your races huh? lol. Great job on your race Sir Atom. Congrats on your lastest Marathon (your 1st and no doubt not the last) too. Good to use a lot of sunblock lotions and wear the proper running attire. Awesome pics too by the way. Take care and keep running, chasing the sun, etc........

  3. @Kassy, bumagal nga eh, I'll be going back for a speed training in a few days...

    @Sir Kenley, yeah this race and the last race (which I'm still about to blog) has really pampered us. Keep on running too, I haven't been blog running in a while, but really thanks for keeping a regular visit on my blog :)

  4. Hmmmn, kelan kaya ako makapag 15K?

  5. You can do it soon Madz, or you can also wait further. Depends on you :)

  6. Nice pose with the carefree ladies. That would make you now the Carefree Runner! Congrats, Alfred! Waiting for your TBR Dream account!:-)

  7. hahaha, carefree runner, why haven't I thought of that? :D
    Yes Sir Rene, my TBR post is coming late next week :D

  8. Sobrang init na ngayon. Ako naglakad lang nung last 4K :)

  9. @Captain, dapat mas lalo mong bilisan pag anjan na ung araw para hindi ka lalo masunog, hehehe :)


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