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To a New Journey, Come Follow Me

This quote is what started my Entrepreneurial spirit with an aim to just learn from things that are entirely different from what I have studied and accustomed to doing.

From a side gig in race event organizing, to paper investments, real estate, restaurant venture, foodcart franchise, and product distribution.

It's been 6-years and I tell you the journey isn't as sweet and financially fruitful as I've expected. Most have failed and are really physically and mentally taxing. It's been 6-years yet I am still learning the ropes from all of these choices.

The difference it has made? It's priceless!

Right now, I am working with people with higher goals, people with bigger mindset, business people with positive outlook and who inspires me to become the best that I can be. You see, not all businessmen are what you have known for from hearsays (greedy and all).

These are the people who believes in moral obligation to succeed to be able to help and also impart their success around them. From them I am learning a lot of great things aside from the usual business, to give more attention to things I have control of, give value to what's more valuable, be one of those 3-percent who continuously grow and be productive beyond my senior years.

I am just beginning to see a pinlight of hope from the past failures, but I know now that we have an exciting life and there's a better life ahead for everyone. So come follow my journey, or you may also come along with me in this wonderful expedition of finding the key to financial and time freedom.

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