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4 Ways to Break Your Phone Addiction So You Can Focus Better on Your Goals

by: Stefan Simonovic

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We live in a modern world in which technology and internet have crucial roles. This, of course, is a good thing, but ever since smartphones made an appearance, people became absolutely addicted to these little gadgets. We can't blame them, though. These new cellphones allow them to conduct their work, have fun on social media, and even find love online. Now, even though these phones can be rather practical and useful, the constant need to check your notifications and messages might interfere with your daily routine. So, if you feel addicted to your phone, here are 4 ways to break that addiction and focus better on your daily goals and assignments.

Keep It Out Of Your Reach

This is sort of an "out of sight, out of mind" strategy, but it works. Keeping your phone out of reach is definitely one of the best ways to break this nasty addiction. If your smartphone is constantly in your proximity, you won't be able to resist the temptation to check all those notifications and messages which will negatively affect your productivity. So, if you're not expecting an important call, make sure to keep your phone away from your work environment.

Delete The Time-Consuming Apps

Like we already said, checking your phone every 10 minutes has a negative effect on your routine and efficiency. However, there's a way to prevent that from happening. All you need to do is delete the most addictive and time-consuming apps on your device. If you tend to shift between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, make sure to delete those three apps and you'll save yourself some precious time. By eliminating the social apps, you'll increase your productivity, be sure of it.

Turn Off The Notifications On Your Phone

If for some reason you can't delete those apps we mentioned above, you should find a way to keep them from breaking your concentration. Like you probably know, various alerts and notification sounds can be both distracting and annoying, so the best way to keep your focus is by turning off all the notifications except text messages and your main ringtone. You'll be able to concentrate on your assignments and you won't miss any of the important calls and messages.

Replace This Habit With Something Else

Breaking certain habits can be really tough and complicated, so if you can't do that, you can always replace the habit of checking your phone with a new, better habit. In order to do this, you need something that will be a substitute for your smartphone, like a book for example. All you need to do is keep your phone out of reach and keep a book close to you. So, when you feel the urge to check your phone, you can simply pick up a book and read a few pages. This way, you'll break this nasty phone addiction, save yourself some valuable time, and improve your overall knowledge.

About the author:

Stefan is a writer and a blogger in his spare time. He also works for First Beat Media, a company that mainly focuses on the online dating niche and similar services.

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