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5 Essential Items You Need If You're Running A Marathon

by: Stefan Simonovic

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Having specific goals in life is both very important and healthy. Some people dream of traveling the world; some want to date a cowboy, while others want to run a marathon and finish it. This last one is one of the most popular goals nowadays. A lot of people are ready to test their stamina and will, and if you are interested in entering a marathon, you should know that you have to be well prepared for such a demanding challenge. Therefore, check out the five essential items you need if you plan on running a marathon.

Running Watch

Wearing a running watch during a marathon is essential for many reasons. This little gadget allows you to see how good or bad your time is. This is important because knowing your personal time is crucial for a successful race. Also, every marathon is rather demanding when it comes to stamina, and every human body reacts differently to these strains. This is why it's crucial to monitor your heart rate during the race, and a running watch can provide you with that particular data.

Comfortable Shoes And Quality Socks

As you probably know, a marathon has an official distance of 42.195-kilometers or 26.219-miles. This basically means that, in order to complete the race, you have to run for about 4-5 hours. Now, a race this long may cause some rather painful blisters on your feet, especially if you don't choose the appropriate footwear. To avoid such a painful and frustrating scenario, you should invest in high-quality and comfortable running shoes and socks. Without that, you just won't be able to cross the finish line.

Technical Fabric Clothes

A lot of people think that cotton clothes are the softest and most comfortable. They are probably right, but not when it comes to running equipment. You see, when cotton gets wet, it stays wet, and that can cause some rather uncomfortable chafing. Technical fabric clothes, on the other hand, will help you stay dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions. This means you won't have to deal with sweat or chafing, which will make your running experience more pleasant. These clothes are undoubtedly one of the essential items every runner has to own.

Hydration Fuel Belt

Sweating is an unavoidable part of any exercise and running a 26-mile race means that you'll be sweating a lot. Now, to stay hydrated during a marathon, you have to carry a certain amount of water with you. However, carrying a water bottle in your hand can be somewhat annoying, so the best way to bring your water supplies is by wearing a hydration fuel belt. It's easily adjustable, and it allows you to bring extra bottles and even some tasty snacks.


Like we already mentioned, an average marathon runner usually completes their race after 4-5 hours of running. Considering the fact that most marathons start in the morning, there's a chance you'll be exposed to the afternoon sun. Even though this might not sound like a big problem, getting sunburned during your race can be quite uncomfortable. So, it's best to bring sunscreen with you, just in case.

About the author:

Stefan is a writer and a blogger in his spare time. He also works for First Beat Media, a company that mainly focuses on the online dating niche and similar services.

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