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The Cure for Sugar Cravings

by: Stefan Simonovic

Source: [Flickr]

Controlling your sweet tooth is much easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t little things you can do to curb your sugar cravings. The trouble lies in the fact that sugar is absolutely essential for proper body functioning, and not only do we want it, but we also need it very much! Healthy sugar found in fruit and vegetables is the best source of the sweet stuff you can find, and it is actually refined sugar that is the enemy, and should be avoided. Whether you're trying to lose weight and ditch BBW dating or just want to stay in shape and be healthy, we'd like to offer a few tips on how to keep those sugar cravings at bay.

1: Go for the Fruit

Unless you have doctor's orders not to eat certain types of fruit for any reason, fresh fruits are your best allies when trying to quit sugar or at least lower your daily intake. Bananas are full of sugar, and water melons seem to be nothing but water and sugar, and they are sure to help you resist that chocolate chip cookie in the cupboard you bought because you just couldn’t resist.

2: Food Combinations

If you absolutely cannot resist your sugar craving, one of the ways to give in without going all out is to combine healthy foods with sweet foods. For instance, if a banana just doesn’t do it for you this time, dip it in chocolate. The same goes for oranges, apples and strawberries that are all sweet, and can give you a sugar boost coupled with melted chocolate to satisfy that craving with just a few bites.

3: Go Cold Turkey

Some people find that "going cold turkey" is what best works for them. They make it a point to skip the sweets isle at the supermarket, and just stop buying sweet and sugary foods that lie around the house until someone eats them. Funny how those never go bad or go to waste but always end up on your thighs. In any case, getting off sugar is tough because the more we consume it, the more addicted to it we are, and the more our body is asking for it, and if you're one of those people who can get up one morning, smoke their last cigarette and throw the pack away, never to light up again, this is definitely the strategy for you.

4: Give In A Bit

The cold turkey approach isn’t for everyone, and luckily there is a healthy alternative to train your body to stop craving sugar. The way you accomplish this is by giving into your craving once every two or three times, and having a bite or two of chocolate to stop it. This doesn't mean you'll fall of the wagon, and it certainly helps your body get used to functioning without having refined sugar every day. Once you establish a ‘giving in’ routine, you can space out the days when you treat yourself to dessert, so instead of having a bite or two of chocolate every other or every third day, you can have a small slice of cake once a week. You'll decrease your sugar intake, and your body will learn to live without it (or with very teeny amounts).

About the author:

Stefan is a writer and a blogger in his spare time. He also works for First Beat Media, a company that mainly focuses on the online dating niche and similar services.

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