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Top 5 Benefits of Food Tracking

by: Stefan Simonovic

Source: [FreeImages]

Being healthy means different things to different people. Some people like doing sports, others try to meet people online as often as possible, and then there are those who do food tracking. Note that we didn’t say “dieting” there because tracking what you eat is an entirely different concept from being on an eating plan.

Food tracking is much less restrictive than any given diet and it provides us with the best possible insight into what exactly we are consuming. In that regard, here are the top 5 benefits of food tracking.

1. Better Look at Your Food

Tracking your food means that you should know exactly what you eat and how much of it you’re eating. Unlike many diets which only tell you which types of dishes you’re supposed to consume to lose or gain weight or just stay healthy, this method actually gives you all the possible information on the food you’re taking in.

2. No Guilt

It’s no secret that many eating plans revolve around “cheat days,” eating junk food as a reward and guilting you into not enjoying your favorite snacks or dishes. With food tracking, however, things are a bit different.

Since everything is about calories here, there’s really no guilt in treating yourself to a tasty burger or a bowl of ice cream here and there. Calories are calories, so as long as you’re keeping them at an optimal level and countering those junk foods and sugars with healthy stuff, you should be okay.

3. Self-Creating Plan

As we’ve said before, food tracking isn’t a diet or an eating plan. However, practicing it for a prolonged period will most likely lead you into creating your own plan that suits your needs and preferences the best.

Keeping track of the food you eat will, as mentioned earlier, give you a lot of insight about what you’re consuming. That being said, it also lets you know which foods are adequate or inadequate for your body, allowing you to create an eating plan that suits you perfectly.

4. It Makes Healthy Eating Easy

One wouldn’t be wrong to describe food tracking as a simple activity that has the potential to lead a person to many great things regarding food and healthy living. Just like it allows us to create an eating plan and indulge in our favorite foods without making us feel guilty, food tracking also shows us that healthy eating doesn’t have to be such a bother we all expect it to be.

Once you really get into food tracking, you’ll quickly realize that eating healthy isn’t that difficult. Count your calories, stay on the “healthy” side of food and your body will thank you.

5. Difference Between Good and Bad Eating Habits

Many people, unbeknownst to them, have either good or bad eating habits. Getting up at 3 AM to raid the fridge is a bad one, for example, but not many “fridge raiders” realize how much harm this does to them.

Differentiating the good from the bad eating habits gets comfortable with food tracking. Intaking 1,000 calories after 6 PM is more than likely to make you sleep poorly while having a hearty breakfast makes your day that much better – all of this and more is quickly shown to those that practice food tracking.

About the author:

Stefan is a writer and a blogger in his spare time. He also works for First Beat Media, a company that mainly focuses on the online dating niche and similar services.

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