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How To Choose Your First Home Treadmill?

by: Stefan Simonovic

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Regular exercise is extremely important in this day and age. It helps you to remain healthy and stay in shape. Also, it helps you to dominate your local dating scene. Trust us, most people out there appreciate when someone's in a good physical shape. Even BBW singles like to see a fit and good-looking individual. As you probably already know, running is one of the most efficient ways to improve your physique. However, jogging outside can be a bit tricky, especially during a hot summer or a cold winter. This is exactly why most people fancy running on treadmills inside their own home.

If you too prefer this over an outdoor jog, you should definitely check out these tips that will help you choose your first home treadmill.

Belt Size Is Crucial

Depending on your needs and goals, you need to pick the perfect belt size. We understand that these treadmills can occupy a lot of free space in your apartment/house, but trust us, you don't want to buy a treadmill with a short and narrow track. Universal standards for track length are 55″ for walking and 60″ for running. When it comes to width, 22 inches are perfect for runners, and 20 inches will do the trick for walkers.

Pay Attention To The Motor And “Continuous Horsepower”

Most users think that the motor is not a factor you need to consider when buying a house treadmill, but they're horribly wrong. Also, a lot of them believe that "peak" horsepower is crucial when it comes to the overall performance, but that's not true. Don't be fooled by that particular parameter. Instead, pay attention to the continuous duty horsepower. This factor is the most important one regarding the motor and you should always buy a treadmill with at least 2.0 continuous duty HP. Bear in mind that "continuous duty HP" represents the power motor provides under regular everyday use, which is definitely more important than "peak" horsepower.

Price To Quality Ratio

You should know, right off the bat, that you won't find a good treadmill under 400 dollars. Now, don't get us wrong, we're not saying that expensive treadmills are automatically better. However, running tracks bellow 400 bucks don't last very long. If you want something durable and reliable, you'll have to spend between 800 and 2000 dollars. Trust us, it will pay off in the long run.

Pick A Treadmill With The Right Track Speed

If you're interested in improving your form and endurance, you should definitely buy a treadmill with a track speed of at least 10 miles per hour. Most house tracks come with 12 mph speed, which is more than sufficient for an amateur runner.

Don't Buy Without Trying It First

Of course, buying such an expensive and rather sensitive piece of sporting equipment is very risky. This is exactly why you need to test the treadmill before buying it. Remember, you'll be using it for a very long time (hopefully), so you need to know how it works and what it feels like. Don't let the seller rush you. Take your time, test it, and then make a decision.

About the author:
Stefan is a writer and a blogger in his spare time. He also works for First Beat Media, a company that mainly focuses on the online dating niche and similar services.

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