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How to Protect Yourself from Mosquito-Related Diseases

by: Jeric Danao

The monsoon season in the Philippines can bring a lot of things aside from heavy rains and typhoon signals. It is a season when all sorts of sickness like a simple cough and cold can thrive.

Unfortunately, it can also bring more serious ailments like malaria, yellow fever, and dengue.
Most of these cases stem from pest control issues in which insects like mosquitoes have been left alone and have become rampant in and around our homes.

Prevent this from happening by doing certain measures.

Apply Repellent

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in England has confirmed that mosquito repellents which contain Picaridin and DEET work much better compared to others. They are advising adults and children not below two months old to use them in order to avoid mosquito bites. They add that babies who are not yet two months old should not use these products for it could be harmful for them.

It is also highly advised for you to wash off the repellent from your skin with soap and water once you get back to your home. If the repellent managed to stick to your clothes, you should definitely have it washed before wearing it again.

Clear Water From Your Yard

Make sure your yard is free from stagnant water by following these tips.
  • Remove all containers that could possibly hold water from hard to see places such as under the stairs, decks, porches, and bushes.
  • Unused tires as well as items that can contain water should be removed or thrown away.
  • Clear pooled water from your flat roofs.
  • Remove leaves and debris from your downspouts for they can essentially collect water.
  • Clean your rain gutters every now and then.
  • Empty water from barrels, cans, buckets, swimming pool covers, birdbaths, and flower paths.

Steer Mosquitoes Away

Home should be the safest place for you to hide from these pesky insects. Practice these things in order to avoid having them as unwanted visitors at your own place.
  • Be sure all the screens in your doors and windows are in good shape to keep mosquitoes out.
  • Burn essential oils like catnip, lavender, and eucalyptus to repel mosquitoes naturally.
  • Use a mosquito net when sleeping to avoid being bitten.
  • Swat them with a mosquito swatter and get rid of them.
  • Entrap them using a mosquito trapping system.
  • Opt for LED lighting which does not attract mosquitoes to your place.

What Else Can You Do to Protect Your Family?

Other things you could do to ensure the health and protection of your family from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases are the following:
  • Make sure to cover your playpen and baby stroller with netting particularly if you are outdoors.
  • Always consider wearing loose clothing items like pants, socks, and long-sleeve shirts when spending time outdoors, particularly if you head out during the evenings or night time.
  • Keep mosquitoes away by placing a dish of soap and water when having an outdoor meal outside of your homes.
Keep these things in mind and you can be assured that you and your family will be safe from mosquito-borne diseases. If you want to get more assistance on this matter, don’t hesitate to contact a pest control service to help you out.

About the Author:

Jeric is a freelance writer that features food, lifestyle, travel, DIY subjects, and nature. He is an adventurer, taking on the world and everything it has to offer, may it be the good and the bad. He also has a weird love for reggae and sharks.

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