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Clean Your Car Emissions, Keep Earth Breathable

by: Jeric Danao

A lot of us, although we love running or cycling, also own some kind of fuel-operated vehicles. And we all know that these vehicles emits carbon that contributes to smoke pollution in our environment. Who among you can relate when while you're running on the road side and puffing for oxygen a vehicle passes by with carbon black smoke emission? So infuriating, right? If only you could knock out cold the driver or the owner! While not all of us have absolute control over these pollutions, we do however, have choices to lessen our own vehicle's bad emissions without emptying out our pockets in investing (yet) on the future of emission-less vehicles.

It is your responsibility not just to the country but the world to do your part in making sure that the environment is taken cared of. Especially if you are a vehicle owner you should be aware of what comes out of your muffler. Universal rule to this is to be aware of your vehicles indicators because they will tell you when you’re not taking care of your car anymore. There are numerous ways to make sure you don’t have to worry whether you’re contributing to air pollution or not.

Here are some tips to assure a clean gas emission of your vehicle.

Don’t Be Cheap on the Gasoline

Gasoline prices have been a pain to deal with for a long time but that doesn’t mean you should automatically look to go for the cheapest type of gasoline. The better the quality of gasoline you use the higher-octane level it would usually help your car be more fuel efficient. It leaves less residue and some brands even have cleaning agents in its formula. The engine runs more efficiently because the higher-octane level has better combustion in the engine. Cheaper alternatives may leave dirt and residue that build up and affect your emissions.

Maintain a Clean Air Filter

Do not wait for smog emissions before cleaning your air filters, make sure to have a regularly scheduled check and change of your air filter. You can base it on the distance you have covered or more on the amount of time you have been driving. Just make sure to keep it consistent so that there will be no buildup of dirt and other contaminant in your engine.

Fuel Additives

There are a variety of brands of fuel cleaners that you could choose from, its main purpose is to keep your engine clean. These additives will help clear the engine’s intake valve and exhaust system of any carbon buildup or deposits. This will help clear out your emissions and keep your car from coughing out smog. Remember that this is poured directly to your fuel tank and that you should give it time to be processed in the car’s systems before it works.

Tire Pressure

Running a fuel-efficient car is essential in lowering the emissions of your car. One key to this is having properly inflated tires. By keeping our tires properly inflated you will not only have a smoother ride but also make sure your engine is working at its peak. Under inflated tires will cause the engine to work harder and when it works harder it will create more buildup and emissions.

Keep your Engine Oil Fresh

Make sure to check your engine oil so that it doesn’t get too dirty. Unchanged engine oil will promote the buildup of gunk and carbon in your engine. Keeping track of the distance you travelled or how much you use your car, like your air filters make sure to change it consistently to make sure that there are no buildups that will lead to emissions.

Aside from checking these specific aspects of your car it is also good to bring your car to a professional mechanic to get a full diagnostic check. Have tune-ups for your car on a consistent basis and don’t wait for your car to be coughing up smoke before you check your car in.

About the Author:

Jeric is a freelance writer that features food, lifestyle, travel, DIY subjects, and nature. He is an adventurer, taking on the world and everything it has to offer, may it be the good and the bad. He also has a weird love for reggae and sharks.

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