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Three Mobile Apps To Motivate You While Running

by: Jeric Danao

While running through your regular routes, for example, Los Angeles iPhone repair centers are one of the things that you’ll run past. Running may not come so easy for others, but there are some mobile apps that you can use to motivate yourself.

Some people like running without any gadget with them, while others loves it when they have music to listen to. Good thing that because of the popularity of smartphones, applications that motivate and help people get healthy are getting popular, too.

Running is a good way to lose weight while sticking to your training regimen. Some of the other everyday things that you can do if you don’t have time to run or jog is to park in the farthest corner of the parking lot at work then walking and taking the stairs up to your floor. Have a workout in the morning before work or in the evening. You have to do all of these consistently if you want to keep all that weight off.

The apps that are becoming more popular because of being geared towards fitness don’t just measure how long you’ve exercised, but also how many calories you’ve burned, how long you walked, ran, or biked. They also help you keep track of your burned calories or calorie intake and the routes you’ve gone to and the average time for every kilometer. Because of these calculations, you can see how much you’ve improved over time.

The best thing about these apps is that they can get you started on what you’ve been wanting to start for ages and you can always just slow down and go at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Zombies, Run!
The best way to get everyone running is a zombie apocalypse, so this developer took that idea and turned into a fitness app. This app lets you listen to a story, and the more you run, the farther you’ll get in the story. Running will help you gather your supplies to stay alive during the apocalypse. Running is also what will enable you to complete missions which moves the story along.

Spotify Running
While Spotify doesn’t measure your average running time, it does feature playlist that will get you into the running mood. Several playlists are available for you to choose from, with themes from epic movie scores, expertly put together mixes by DJs, and there’s even a playlist that’ll let you pretend you’re in a movie chase scene. However, this is only available to users who’ve availed the Spotify Premium.

Noom Coach
This app will help you stay on your diet. This will watch what you eat and let you see what food you can and can’t eat by labeling them with colors, and of course count your calorie intake. The labels are color coded that make you look again if you’re supposed to eat them or not. Green for good and healthy food, and red for bad. This app also has been gamified, which means that you can see how others are doing with their diet.

Which app helped you lose weight?

About the Author:

Jeric is a freelance writer that features food, lifestyle, travel, DIY subjects, and nature. He is an adventurer, taking on the world and everything it has to offer, may it be the good and the bad. He also has a weird love for reggae and sharks.

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