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Mornings with ActiveHealth + Upcoming 2016 Run United

Look how fast time flies! It's already the 7th year of the always anticipated running trilogy of the RunRio and Run United tandem, seventh year of helping runners achieve their goals and as each of the season ends, participants are able to exceed themselves and become a progressive athlete, all thanks to the long-running partnership between RunRio Inc. and Unilab ActiveHealth.

With fellow bloggers during the Mornings with ActiveHealth at UP Diliman (photo by: Rene "JazzRunner" Villarta)

It was a great welcoming year from Unilab during the Mornings with ActiveHealth that was held last January 23 at UP Diliman. Coming together are fellow Bloggers in the running community, where we started the day with a short yet quality training session led by Coach Rio dela Cruz composing with dynamic warm-up, running drills, and an easy 4.4-km run around the academic oval. It was followed afterwards with the unveiling of the 2016 Run United series, and a lecture and discussion about the Runner's trots where some bloggers also shared their personal training regimen.

Let me share to you some of the things that were discussed to us during our short morning gathering with the ActiveHealth team.

The Runner's Trots

Some of us are already familiar with the Runner's trots, or the Runner's diarrhea, also previously termed as the "gingerbread man" -- and why it was called such, I have actually no idea! Most of us, if not all, might have already experienced it once or twice in one of our runs, specially on a mid- or longer distance races, and it's not a pleasing experience even if we can hold it until the finish line.

Our guest oncology Doctor from Unilab also discussed to us how we can prevent this from occurring before, during, or even after a run, be it while on training or in a race. What causes it are also actually controllable and with solutions that are within our reach.

Because running is a high-impact activity, it causes our gastrointestinal tract distress which gives us the immediate urge to defecate, this is true specially to those who are just beginning to run. Our diet also plays an important role. During the Greenfield City Sunset Run way back in 2010, the carbonated hydration drink that was served on the hydration stations caused my stomach upset. Just after this morning's training session, my stomach was also in distress and what caused it is my now being lactose-intolerant from the Chuckie drink I gulped the night before.

So how do we prevent it? Proper training still plays an important role -- that is training ourselves to establish a bowel routine ahead before our big event; watching out for our diet to not introduce new foods (such as foods high in fiber) and/or beverages (carbonated drinks) specially on race day; you may eat foods that are naturally constipating such as banana, although for me banana sometimes causes my stomach to ache specially if that's the only food that I took in the morning.

For a much peaceful run, having a loperamide at hand or in your pocket can greatly ease the runner's trots as it slows the contractions of our intestine. I always do have a few pieces of loperamide Diatabs in the house and even in the office. In my long runs, I also bring a capsule or two just to be on the safe side.

But if all else fails, there's a downloadable prayer that you can chant while on the move.

Run United 2016 Series - the 7th RunRio Trilogy

The 1st leg of the Run United 2016 will take place on March 13, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia, with the following distances:
  • 5K - *Php 750.00 (5:30 AM gunstart)
  • 10K - *Php 850.00 (5:00 AM gunstart)
  • 21K - *Php 950.00 (4:00 AM gunstart)

Online registration via RunRio has already started last January 23, 2016 and will end on February 21, 2016. In-store registration meanwhile which will end on February 29, 2016 is also ongoing at the following stores from 12:00nn to 8:00pm daily:
  1. Runnr Store BGC
  2. Runnr Store Trinoma
  3. Toby's Sports Robinson's Galleria
  4. Toby's Sports Mall of Asia

The Run United 2016 medals -- an after-sought collection will continue to carry that of last year's introduction of the elegant inter-locking design, with distinction on the markings of course. For me, I still love having these inter-locking medals that I can connect together with the previous RU2015 medals that I have so far collected. Just imagine it hanging at the entire length of your room's wall if this kind of design continues for all the succeeding Run United series!

This year's singlet and finisher's shirt collection still carries the brand and great quality of the ActiveHealth gear. Yet, now on a much lighter color and design that depicts this year's goal for Run United participants -- to have a crystal clear fitness journey be it either to become stronger, much faster, or even to start ditching the couch and get on to a daily routine of physical exercise.

2016 Run United singlets (L-R): RU1 singlet on the Manequin; Franc Ramon for the RU1 Finisher's shirt; Ms. Bards sporting the RUPM 2016 singlet; and CJ for the RU2 singlet

Aside from that, participants also have a much valued registration package with the three (3) different online bundle registration promo for this year's Run United series. For participants who wants to get a training plan from Coach Ani de Leon-Brown, there's also an option to upsize their registrations.

2016 Run United 1 Registration Inclusions:
  1. ActiveHealth Singlet with Chaf-Redux Technology
  2. Race Bib with D-tag
  3. ActiveHealth Ventilation Bag and Drinks
  4. Finishers’ Medal (21K only)
  5. Finishers’ Shirt (21K only)
*Add Php 100.00 on registration fee if you opt to have the ActiveHealth Kit, with the following inclusions:
  1. Exceed Yourself Training Plan by Coach Ani de Leon-Brown (to be sent by email)
  2. Personalized Race Bib
  3. Race Belt (for 21k runners only)
  4. FREE Sports Nutrition Solutions:
    • One (1) capsule of Enervon Activ – Daily for training to help built stamina
    • One (1) 40g pack of Enervon HP – After Work out for faster recovery
    • One (1) ActiveHealth Carbgel Banana flavor – during work out for sustained energy
Bundle Registration:

Kindly visit and/or for more details about the bundle registration and other registration update.

The ActiveHealth Community

We all know that ActiveHealth has gone through many developments since its conception, bringing to us the different sporting events that we are now religiously blocking on our calendars; nutrition needs for a well-rounded athlete; the quality gears from running jerseys to compressions; as well as the training needs that are also optionally packed in our registrations from certified Coaches. Soon, there will be more to be launched for both the running and multisport community!

In relation to this, most of us have already received an e-mail requesting us to update our ActiveHealth profile. I welcome these kind of requests as coming from an IT background, I know how important it is to have an updated and organized record. So if you have also received such e-mail, I encourage you to do the same and be updated about what's coming next from the ActiveHealth community!

Don't get left behind, it's just a few click and tap away from your keyboard!

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