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A Family Run and Celebration of Milk Day

Last Sunday, March 31, 2015, Alaska Milk celebrated the World Milk Day simultaneously in four different locations in the Country from Metro Manila and together with Baguio, Cebu, and Davao. The Seaside Boulevard and the activity area at the SM Mall of Asia garnered thousands of family members who all together, celebrated, bonded, ran, danced, and had a toast of Alaska milk by 6:00 AM.

SM City Baguio, SM City Cebu, and SM City Davao gathered the families at their respective cities on a 3K run, while SM Mall of Asia here in Manila gathered the families to different categories from 100-m and 1K distances for the kids, 3K, 5K, and 10K for the individual participants, and a 3K Family run where Moms and Dads were able to run the route together with their kids.

As for me, I originally planned to register for a 3K family run but then I forgot that my Kid also have an early appointment on the same date on his McDo Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation at the World Trade Center (WTC). Since I don't want him to be so tired before the graduation program begins, I decided to just meet him and his Mom at WTC after my 3K individual run. I won't be detailing about my run anymore as it was only part of my taper period for the upcoming pacer duty this coming Sunday, and actually, the festive gathering and bonding of the participants is more lively than how I raced. :)

As early as 4:30 AM when I arrived, kids were already jumping, climbing, sliding, and kicking at the inflatable play ground. Others were having their white, creamy moustache tattooed at the milk moustache tent. Breakfast goodies were also offered at the other tents like the champorado with condensed Alaska milk. What surprised me was the blended Alaska milk, I don't know if it was the powdered milk that they blended but it really tastes great and deliciously creamy! Never made and tasted milk that way before!

Right when 6:00 AM ticked, everybody joined the milk toast before proceeding to the next program. The milk toasting was simultaneously done together with the participants at the Baguio, Cebu, and Davao legs... except me, as I was busy taking a photo-op at the far end of the activity area with the Running Diva and her friend together with Alaska Tri-Aspire's elite Triathlete Mr. Matt O'Halloran. :)

After the milk toasting, everybody converged at the loot bag and milk can claiming area. This is where I saw the multitude of the crowd all lined-up while anticipating the many goodies. There were more than ample supply of 1.8-kg Alaska milk powder, sachets of Alaska milk choco, tetra-paks of Alaska fresh milk and flavored Yogurt drink, small can of Alaska evaporated milk, and bars of chocolates.

I left the event a few minutes after the Zumba dance started and after taking some photos of the participants. The Zumba party was well-attended not just by the girls but also the Kuyas and Dads. I even saw some of the elite runner participants signing up. I see that they are really competitive not just on the route but also in shaking their bodies at the dance floor! :)

The celebration of World Milk Day in the Philippines by Alaska is a great way to promote drinking of milk not just for the kids but for everyone at any age. It has also positively promoted a healthy lifestyle by doing fun activities like running (and Multisports) while bonding together with the whole family.

When I arrived at the WTC and my son saw the photos of the Alaska event from my phone, I regret not having him with me. I thought we could have still made it on his Kiddie crew graduation even after running at the #AlaskaWorldMilkDay. There will still be next time though, kiddo!

Check out more photos below:

That happy and priceless smile
This Mom-Dad-Son tandem just crossed the finish line, Alaska E-Cow at the back.
How I love this Father and Daughter tandem
A dream of every Runner Dad - to cross the finish line with his Son or Daughter :)
Also a dream of most Dads, to have an all-boys team in the Family! ;)
A family of five who just crossed the finish line together
With Ms. Roselle (the Running Diva) and her friend who just finished his first 10K
You know Ironman's secret? He also drinks Alaska Milk :)

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