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Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas Run 2015

As I mentioned from my previous X-Trail 2015 preview post, Salomon has been on its love-and-hate-and-love relationship with the Participants of its xTrail series in the Country, most specially from the past two (2) season when it was held at Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas (if it were not that the 24K and 32K categories easily ran out before I got my slot, I might have been one of those who did not finish within the cut-off time).

This year's X-Trail though, the route have been much friendlier to the participants, not on the distance, but more on the technicalities, ascents, and descents. For the 24K category of which I am part of, our route was also much easier to tackle than the 2nd Salomon XTrail series that was held at Tagaytay Highlands. Technically, it is also easier than the 12K category on the first Hamilo Coast series. In fact, this was the easiest among all the past three Salomon XTrail runs that I participated in.

Although I said it is easier, it doesn't mean that this race is for the wimp as this trail race is not your ordinary dirt-track type of trail. The presence of slippery moss-covered rocks, challenging ascents both on the road and on the mountains (these are not just short rolling hills), varying terrains and varying levels of water on river crossings proved that this trail run will require not just your speed but also your stamina, strength, agility, mountaineering, and other physical skills to get you to the finish line without any harm.

The scenic ocean views from the trail course overlooking the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) over the Bataan peninsula after a grueling climb though is a great recoup to recharge and tap your shoulder for making it at this point.

The last 6K is also one of the toughest, running on the beach side with its soft sand burying each of your stride and the slippery boulders and ocean rocks on the side.

According to my Suunto GPS recording, the whole route measured 25-km distance from start to finish. Despite that, the race was well organized with lots of fun and entertainment from the local community ranging from the fire dancers, villagers who were cheering the runners, and to a band of kids playing their musical instruments for almost the whole duration of the event.

What I missed upon finishing the race is the cool down by swimming on the beach afterwards since it is not so accessible from where the event area is.

Having completed two 12K's and two 24K's on Salomon X-Trail Run, my goal for the next two years of Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas is to complete and finish its more challenging category of 32K which simulates the SkyRunning ascents... on the hindsight, I think a 6K category will do. :p

Watch the route's movescount movie by Suunto:

Enjoy some of the photos I took during the race:
Fallen tree bridge
First river crossing
Though the photo does not show, it's a steep downhill
From calf-level to sudden hips-level deep river crossing
Hungry but still can't eat this jack fruit
Road climb
Sir Raul Patrick Concepcion (the RunningShield) at the last 8-km hydration station
Either avoid the water and slippery rocks or balance your way on the edge of the beach
Beaching jelly fish
Runners resting and feasting on their lunch at the resting area
Together with some of the PhilSky participants who most of them garnered a Podium finish from every category.
Race Profile:
Distance: 24 km.
Official Time: 03:39:49
Official Ranking: 40th out of 288 category finishers

Race Info:
When: Apr. 25, 2015.
Where: Anvaya Cove, Morong, Bataan
Event: Salomon x-Trail Pilipinas Run 2015

Post Race Press Release:
Leading trail running brand, Salomon, gathered over a thousand outdoor enthusiasts and trail runners of varying skills for an adrenaline-filled weekend

Time stopped and the earth stood still as nearly 1,500 trail runners gathered for the biggest trail running event of the season, the Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas 2015, last April 25.

For more than five years now, the Salomon X-Trail Run series has been one of the most anticipated trail running events in the Asia-Pacific Region. Held in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines, it has attracted numerous participants, from newbies to hardcore loyalists of Salomon. The race’ technical trail route combines different terrain surfaces including vertical ascents, long uphill climbs with multi -surfaces of dirt, rocks, sand, and concrete paths.

On its’ 5th consecutive year, Salomon Pilipinas X-Trail events were held at Premier locations outside Metro Manila, boasting beautiful sceneries, where mountains & coastlines merge together in the race route, with more than 1,200 participants – making it one of the most well-attended trail run races in the country. And this year is no different as it surpasses previous feats – cementing Salomon’s slogan, being the “#1 in Trail Running.”

This year, the race toured the roads, hills, mountains, and valleys surrounding the beautiful enclave of Anvaya Cove, one of the country’s premiere developments in Morong, Bataan by Ayala Land Premier. New trail routes were created exclusively for the event such as trail sections overlooking the cove that are steep and technical, with sharp and loose rocks, roots, and thick foliage. To recharge lost energy, runners were blessed with a breathtaking view of the sunrise that made the experience all the more worthwhile and memorable.

As the clock struck 5:00am, trail racers for the 32km embarked on an adrenaline-filled adventure as they sped through a mixture of challenging terrains, from asphalt, to sand, to rocks, to river crossing and technical ascents. The category simulated ascents of Skyrunning races – an arena wherein Salomon dominates. Given a seven-hour cut-off time, hardcore trail runners were surely tried and tested to push their boundaries and surpass the limits.

At 5:30am, trail runners of the 24km mountain run went blazing off into the trail and were greeted with technical ascents and varying terrain which likewise simulates ascents of Skyrunning races. The cut-off time for the 24km race is five hours.

By 8:00am and 9:00am, the participants of the 12km and 6km Road -To-Trail category were tested with a unique yet introductory trail running course, which consists of road & trail routes that are likewise challenging and technical. The cut-off times for the 12km and 6km categories are two and a half hours and one and a half hours respectively.

As the Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas is a Green Run, no disposables were provided at the hydration stations and participants were required to bring their own provisions.

At 11:00 am, the awarding ceremony commenced and this year’s roster of winners earned not only a range of prizes but most importantly, the ultimate sense of achievement upon taking on and conquering such a challenging feat as the Salomon X-Trail Race.

As an added, no one went home empty handed as Salomon gave away items during a raffle portion, together with awesome items from sponsors—Suunto, Otterbox, Eco x Gear and R.O.X.

It has been the absolute objective of Salomon to promote trail running and passion for the trails. Each year, it never fails to push every runner’s boundaries and test their limits as it inspires each one to recognize their potential and overcome challenges. Once again, the Salomon X-Trail race has proven to be the trail running event that runners can aspire to take part of each year.

The Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2015 is in cooperation with AXN & R.O.X., with official venue partners: Anvaya Cove, an Ayala Land Premier property. This event is also sponsored by Honey Stinger, Suunto, Gatorade, Sea to Summit, Sudeco, Otterbox, Goal Zero, Eco x Gear, Nalgene, and the Primer Group of Companies. Thanks also to our media partners:The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Mirror,, Endurance Magazine, UNO Magazine, Clavel Magazine, Psst! Magazine, Multisport Magazine, and Speed Magazine.

Salomon is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies, Asia's next retail giant.

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