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Go Out and Join the Festivities of R.O.X's Outdoor Festival 2015

It's Sunday and you don't have anything to do? Why not go out with your family and have an Urban outdoor adventure instead?
Outrun the Road
Recreational Outdoor eXchange (ROX) is currently holding its 2015 Outdoor Festival at the Bonifacio High Street in Global City, Taguig. It started yesterday (April 18) with Outdoor talks with topics about advices on planning and packing, outdoor photography, and how to capture an incredible outdoor footage. Different outdoor activities and challenges also abounds the different sponsor booths, targeting the experienced, newbies, and even kids and kids at heart. Movie goers will also be enchanted by the outdoor film showing aimed to awaken your passion to explore. Get to see Lorax, and Secret Life of Walter Mitty (shown yesterday, Saturday), Chasing Mavericks, and Into the Wild (will be shown today).

This weekend outdoor festival will conclude today (April 19). The second day of Outdoor talks will be about encouraging our young ones to the outdoor adventures, responsible adventuring, and bike road safety and maintenance.

For those seeking a challenge, here are the stuffs you might want to try. Oh, before that, let me just tell you that I joined the 100-meters "Outrun the Road Challenge" of Salomon with a finish time of 29.75-seconds, which put me on the 6th or 7th place when I left. I targeted to finish around 15 to 18-seconds but the 4x25-meters proved to be more challenging than a straight 100-meter sprint. Currently, the time to beat is at 24.xx seconds, and the top winner (male and female) will get a free slot to Salomon's Road xTrail 2015 as prize (and a Salomon shoe, if I heard the whisper correctly)!

So aside from that, here are the other Challenges waiting for you before this weekend outdoor festival ends: Columbia's "Trying Stuff Challenge"; Camp Eddie Bauer; Mountain Hard Wear's "Last Man Standing"; The North Face's "Mountain Athletics"; Fox's "Pump Up the Track" challenge; and Zero Gravity's "Bouldering Competition".

Kids will also get to try and learn how to ride the Strider bike on a mini-obstacle track. Other sponsors have their own mini-challenge as well on each of their booths such as Spyder's Jigsaw puzzle and Volcom's shooting challenge.

Check out some photos I took from Day 1 below:

Sanuk's Blow that ball?
Zero Gravity's Bouldering Competition
Camp Eddie Bauer
Outdoor Film Showing
Mountain Hard Wear's Last Man Standing (Beat your opponents with this 6-hour Challenge)
Fox's Pump Up the Track
Photo Framing with Spyder's Ms. Karyl Moral and Mr. JP Alipio of Globe Cordillera Challenge
Pedal-less Kids Strider Bike
Mini Bike Obstacle Challenge for Kids
Columbia's Trying Stuff Challenge
Power Up's Wall Climbing Challenge
PlanetZips' LED Poi Workshop

More photos at my Facebook page/album.

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