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Macnmore's Cryo+ Instant Cold Wrap

Active people like us runners, gym-rats, fitness enthusiasts, and most specially hardcore athletes do get injured at one point during trainings or competitions. Some injuries if not a serious one, might feel negligible specially to those who have a high pain tolerance. But when these minor pain gets repetitively injured, then the physical progress that we are targeting at a specific time will be affected as we take our trainings aside for the unplanned injury recovery period.

So before getting a major injury, it is always important to be on the preventive side, specially those that are within our control. We can take some day-offs each week to give our body time to recover, and we can also use some recovery aid to target a specific muscle group or body part.

One such product is the Cryo+ Instant Cold Wrap. This product works like the traditional ice pack except that it's in a reusable compact gel form. Cryo+ was developed by a group of B.S. Management of Applied Chemistry students from Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU).

The Starter pack of Cryo+ includes 1 neoprene wrap and 1 cooling pack

On initial use, Cryo+ doesn't need to be refrigerated, just simply squeeze the pack until the non-toxic blue liquid contained in another bag inside the pack pops. As the liquid is mixed with the white chemical substance, it turns into a gel form and creates the cold temperature of up to 4-degrees. The ice coldness lasts up to 30-minutes while the gel-form state remains after the chemical fusion.

Practical applications of Cryo+ instant cold wrap may be used to soothe your tired muscles after a serious workout; relieve muscle cramps, joint pains, back pains, and also your delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after a hard activity.

When you are like me who endures the pain of muscle cramps until reaching the finish line (specially when racing), chances are that the muscle pain will definitely linger on succeeding days due to muscle tear. An ice pack or wrap like Cryo+ can help soothe your muscles during these days while recovering.

Neoprene wrap with adjustable velco strap.
The Cryo+ cold pack before the fusion of these two chemicals
Turning into gel phases while cooling at the same time.
The net-like pocket inside to hold the cold pack
For knee pains
To also soothe your tired calf muscles
It does not cause ice burn when you opt to directly apply the cold pack to your skin/muscle
Directly applying the cold pack to the spines of your upper back

Cryo+ helped ease for a few minutes my lower back pain caused by lumbar levoscoliosis which gets painful whenever I'm stuck at the office desk for long hours in successive days. This helped me regain a comfortable feeling and to get back again... well, at my desk!

Cryo+ at my lumbar area that relieved my lower back pain

Since the Cryo+ is very compact, you can carry it with you anywhere. For long races like Ultramarathon or Triathlons where ice pack is a very important material to bring, the Cryo+ can be loaded on your ice cooler and easily use it anytime.

The starter kit of Cryo+ consists of one cooling pack and a neoprene support, you may purchase more cooling pack from their online store, or catch their kiosks at selected mall locations.

For further updates, you may follow and check them out at Twitter and Facebook.

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