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ITracc-Maxxed Sierra 51050 Race Mechanics, Rules and Regulations

This is the race mechanics, race rules, race regulations for the iMSierra51050 on March 1, 2015 at Ten Cents to Heaven in Tanay, Rizal. Visit this link for the race details.

A. How to Run the Sierra 51050 Relay

1. The Sierra 51050 Relay category is a team race, consisting of five (5) members who will run 10 kilometers each (cumulative of 50 kilometers).

2. Only Runner-A will take-off from the Starting line upon gun-start. Runner-A will be wearing an event-specific transition baller-band that will serve as the relay “baton”. A lighting device (headlamp, flashlight, and/or reflective vest) is also required for the runner’s own safety as the route will still be dark at 5:00 AM.

3. The four other team runners (Runners B to E) must be stationed by the support vehicle at their transition tents/stations (located every 10-km along the route, marked with a World Balance streamer) prior to gun-start or before the arrival of the preceding runner.

4. Upon gun-start, Runner-A will run the first 10-km of the route. Upon reaching the 10K transition area, the baller-band must be passed on to the next runner (Runner-B). At this point, the time will be jotted-down by a Race Marshal and must be signed by the runner or Team Leader.

5. As soon as the transition baller-band is received, Runner-B may then proceed to run the next 10-km of the route from km. 10 to km. 20, where the next transition area is. Upon arrival, the baller-band must be passed again to the next runner (Runner-C), time is noted and signed.

6. This process will continue until the last transition area is reached where the last runner (Runner-E) will complete the remaining distance from km. 40 to km. 49.8.

7. At every transition station, the support vehicle must pick-up their team runners who are already done with their relay legs, and drop them off at the RENDEZVOUS STATION located at km. 49.8, or 200-meters before the finish line.

8. Upon the arrival of Runner-E at the RENDEZVOUS STATION, all the team’s runners (Runners A to E) should run together towards the finish line.

B. 50K Team Relay Race Mechanics

1. Each team is recommended to bring a support vehicle that will hold the team members, their support crew, and driver. There is no limit for the support of the team (support crew is optional).

2. Support vehicles must be “registered” by attaching a small tarpaulin of the race logo with a sign “RACE ON-GOING” on the vehicle during the entire race.

3. The team must provide their first runner (Runner A) with any lighting device such as headlamp, flashlight, or reflective vests. The Relay team must also be self-sufficient and provide aid to their members. Thus, each team must ensure that there is enough hydration, food, and other necessities for themselves.

4. Support vehicles are also prohibited to shadow or dog-tail their runners (following a runner behind) at any point of the route, traverse the race course unnecessarily, travel at a dangerous speed, direction, or dangerous manner ("beast modes" will be sanctioned accordingly).

5. Support vehicle must wait at a safe distance at a defined interval of at least 1-km (leap frogging), safely parked on the road-side or shoulder of the road without blocking the incoming traffic, and at least 100-meters away from hydration/transition stations to avoid congestion of both cars and the participants.

6. The organizer will not provide transport to any team who do not have the means to situate their runners at designated markers (transition areas).

7. Relay teams’ support vehicle are responsible in dropping-off the members of their team at the transition stations, situated every 10th kilometer along the route. The relay members must also be picked-up by the support vehicle only at the transition station after each completion of their relay leg.

8. The race aims to cater to all runners. We recommend that international runner(s) be part of a local contingent (e.g., 2 at most).

9. In case a team member gets injured during the race, the team’s runner on the next checkpoint must cover the remaining distance of the injured runner, and also run his/her assigned distance as well (i.e., Runner 1 gets injured at Km 8, Runner 2 completes the remaining 2kms. and thus will cover a total of 12 kilometers). The checkpoint marshal will take note of this substitution and the Team’s leader must sign on the provided Substitution log.

10. In the extreme scenarios mentioned above, the team is obliged to report and get a sign-off from the RDV Secretariat, a contact number of which will be given before the race.

C. General Race Mechanics, Rules, and Regulations

1. The IMSierra51050 is a challenging road race with hill repeats, uphill and downhill slopes. Participants of the race should be comfortable in running 10-21 kilometers on hills. On top of this, we are expecting COLD CLIMATE up until 8AM, so this might have to be factored in the race and be prepared with the appropriate gear (wind breaker, sweat shirt, or jacket).

2. The race will start and end at Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp. The Grand Triangle Pavilion (inside the Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp) will be the official assembly and program venue.

3. Limited parking inside the Camp will be augmented by roadside (highway) parking as arranged for with Camp security. Participants with own vehicle must come early to secure the parking inside the Camp, else, no cars will be permitted to enter when the gun-start begins until all the participants have left the starting line.

4. There will be cut-off times to be implemented for the safety of the runners and integrity of the race:
  • Relay 51050 – 12:00 PM (7 hours from gun-start of 5:00 AM)
  • 21k Solo – 9:30 AM (4 hours from gun-start of 5:30 AM)
  • 10k Solo – 9:00 AM (3 hours from gun-start of 6:00 AM)
5. In any event that a runner/participant would want to abort his race, for any reason, he/she may call the attention of any event staff or marshal --- to be brought back to the venue --- disqualifying him/her from completing the race (DNF).

6. The sizes of the singlet and finisher’s shirt will be considered the SAME. The registered size shall be considered as final and shall be distributed as is.

7. The IMSierra51050 organizers have planned for a safe and secure event. As a contingency, there will be an ambulance roving around the 50-km route and will be on-standby for emergencies.

8. ALL participants in ALL categories are requested to take the left lane facing the traffic, preferably on a SINGLE FILE, so as to avoid any untoward incident. Regardless of the presence of the LGU traffic enforcers, the organizers strongly encourage the participants to follow this rule.

9. Every runner contributes Php 20.00 to Tanay’s Tree-planting Advocacy upon registration. To fulfill the advocacy even further, runners and their families and friends are encouraged to use non-plastic materials during the race, as well as help in the clean-up by observing proper waste disposal.

10. There will be no paper or plastic cups to be provided at the hydration stations and at the assembly area. It is thus advised that all runners bring or provide their own hydration system to be refilled at the hydration stations.

11. Lightwater hydration refilling stations will be stationed at non-specific, safe intervals for the 10K and 21K Runners. While the relay runners will also be provided with SunCoast (Lightwater/Vitwater) hydration at the transition tents/stations.

12. Sportshouse directional signs will also be along the route to guide the runners.

13. Bringing of food INSIDE the venue premises is NOT allowed and will be subject to a CORKAGE FEE. In consideration, we have arranged for TenCents to sell staple runners meals (e.g. arroz caldo, dinuguan and puto, coffee, etc.) at reasonable prices inside the assembly hall (Pavilion). You may also avail of the Camp’s sumptuous breakfast offerings at the Camp Café.

14. Result of the race is considered final and valid. A protest will be accepted within one (1) hour after the organizers have called the results as closed. There is a protest fee of Php 500.00 should there be an appeal in any race category.

15. The organizers have the right to consider any appeal or protest as valid. The organizers also have the right to accept or refuse any appeal that may be proven as without bearing.

16. Awarding of winners and raffle prizes will be done at an anticipated time, when at least 20% of the participants have already finished. Possible winners will be notified immediately for verification. All winners MUST be present to claim their award; this includes raffle prize winners who will have to flash their bibs to stake a claim.

17. There will be a final race briefing for all categories before assembly time. This ensures all runners are aware of all the rules, the routes and elevation, and stay within safe limits of the race area.

18. All runners may avail of the exclusive 10% discount on room rates at Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp, but we advise early bookings c/o Melody Francisco (0917 501 1977). All billeted guests will be entitled to free use of the swimming pool. However, ALL participants will get a free pass to use the camp’s hanging bridge on March 1, 2015 only.


  1. As there is no mention of trail terrain in in the mechanics, may we assume that the entire running course in Tanay for this race is road only?
    I ask so we can prepare the right running gear for this race.
    Running in single file in a race is a surprise �� huh?
    Oh well, we've already paid.

    1. Yes, the route will traverse majority of Marcos Highway which is 100% road (no trails). Running in single file is actually not unique for this race alone, it has been a practice already for long distance races and events with no road closures. :)


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