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AyosDito Launches #SportsKoAyosDito Campaign

Bikers and Triathletes, make good use of your old or pre-loved bikes by posting it at

In line with its commitment to provide customer experience that goes beyond selling and buying, AyosDito has launched a campaign called “#SportsKoAyosDito” to help beginners pursue and level-up their passion for sports.

Triathlon Coach Miguel Lopez and Drew Arellano for #SportsKoAyosDito

Partnering with celebrity triathlete Drew Arellano and triathlon coach Miguel Lopez, AyosDito will help selected triathlon beginners (Jeffrey Calayag and Maridol Yabut) to gear up and train for their first triathlon competition. With “#SportsKoAyosDito”, the biking community will be able to sell their pre-loved road bikes for the triathlon beginners until November 8, 2014. Drew and Miguel will choose and buy the right road bikes from lucky sellers for the triathlon trainees. Chosen sellers will receive exciting surprises from AyosDito and will have a chance to meet Drew Arellano on November 10, 2014 and learn firsthand about his passion and experience in sports.

“At AyosDito, we are committed to provide customer experience that goes beyond selling and buying. The site has a unique role in helping people pursue their passions. With the ‘SportsKoAyosDito’ campaign, we strive to help not just individuals but the sports community at large by creating an environment where athletes can hand down their pre-loved gears that enable enthusiasts or beginners to try something new, and AyosDito fuels this cycle. For this campaign, we are highlighting triathlon but the message applies for all sports and hobbies such as surfing, mountaineering, boxing and many more,” shared Rebecca Ricalde, Marketing Manager for AyosDito Philippines.

Triathlon athlete and coach Miguel Lopez said, “I am glad to be part of the campaign because this resonates with me, and allows me to stand up for an idea I truly believe in. Personally, I started triathlon with a second-hand bike and platforms like AyosDito enable athletes and enthusiasts to fuel and sustain their passions, and connect easily with the sports community.”

Below is the full promo mechanics:

Simply post pre-loved sports bikes on! Make it easier for Drew to buy your item with these two steps:

1. Put “#SportsKoAyosDito” on your ad title and ad description.

2. Tweet @DrewArellano and @AyosDito_PH your ad, with #SportsKoAyosDito hashtag to help make your ad stand out.

It’s very easy right? Don’t let your pre-loved road bikes gather dust. Give them a bigger purpose by sharing your passion now! Sell now on! You might even score running, biking and swimming tips with Drew Arellano and Coach Miguel Lopez!

For more information, follow AyosDito on Instagram @AyosDito_PH and Twitter @AyosDitoPH.
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