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Spartan Race Code Winners

Announcing our two (2) Atom Spartans, how cool is that?

After two (2) weeks, the Reebok Spartan Race code giveaway has finally concluded and we have two winners drawn via RaffleCopter.

The following Spartans will be showing their might in any open heat of their chosen US continental 2014 Spartan race.

Let's give them a Spartan battle cry, ha-ooh! ha-ooh!

As for everyone else who did not win but are still itching and want to push-on and experience the glory of a Spartan Race, do drop me an e-mail, direct message or a private message and I will be happy to give you a separate code that will entitle you for a 10% registration discount on any 2014 Spartan Race.

You will understand at the finish line!

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