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TrueNorth Fitness Bootcamp - Unleash the Soldier in You!

Before the different types of fitness training such as Circuit, MetaFit, CrossFit, TRX Suspension, and etc., there was already our pioneer in these kind of trainings that strengthened our Nation's best defenders - our Men in the Military uniform from the Marines, Airborne Forces Airborne, Navy Seals and Scout Rangers.

Most of us don't get to experience these kinds of Military training unless we passed the requirements of the PMA (Philippine Military Academy) and swear an oath to serve with Courage, Integrity, and Loyalty. But thanks to TrueNorth Fitness Bootcamp (TNFB) as we - the Civilians, may as well get to be introduced, trained, and honed as a Soldier, by the Soldiers themselves.

The True North Fitness Bootcamp is a military-style fitness training that delivers an intimate group fitness experience. It’s all about getting fit together. While joining a group may seem daunting to some, taking TNFB will make you feel part of a pack and in a matter of minutes you’ll be drawing strength and having fun with your fellow bootcampers as you jump over, crawl under, and run around obstacles with them. TNFB offers a highly sociable way to health and fitness, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow participants after each session.
Last April 26, 2014, TNFB launched their first session at the Army Support Command Grounds (ASCOM) of the Philippine Army Grandstand in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. The Bootcamp is to support and help with the training and preparation of the participants for the upcoming Guerilla Race on June 29, 2014 which will be held at Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal. But don't fret, as this Bootcamp is also open to EVERYONE, whether you're not yet registered or are still just planning to register for the race.

Participants all attentive for the morning greetings, introduction, and instructions
The launch started at past 6:00AM and ended around 8:00AM, where the participants were able to train together with the some of the Soldiers and the Philippine Volcano celebrity Athlete - Chris Everingham. Because it was the first day of the training, the instructors just introduced the participants to some of the basic yet military-inspired exercises and calisthenics that will help to increase their speed, strength, stamina, and agility.

What's most different with their training is that you'll immediately notice the snappy execution of their workouts beginning with a shout of "commence exercise!" and then finish in upright, chest-out, stomach-in, and chin-up position even if you're already puffing hard. Ah, I loved it and I could say that's the kind of workout execution that you will definitely not experience from a gym!

The warm-ups and exercises are performed in Military-counting mode -- makes sure you execute more than you what you're expecting.

For the succeeding sessions, TNFB will offer different combinations of exercise regimen of the Marines, Special Forces (Airborne), Navy Seals and Scout Rangers. And again, don't fret, because the training will also be divided according to your current level of fitness - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Super Human!

See TNFB's training schedule below:

Registration rates are as follows:
  1. 1 session - Php 180.00 (consumable for 1-day)
  2. 10 sessions (+2 free sessions) - Php 1,800.00 (consumable for 1-month)
  3. 25 sessions (+11 free sessions) - Php 4,500.00 (consumable for 3-months)
Two complete execution of push-ups is only counted as one, the counting is done as follows: 1-2-3-1, 1-2-3-2, 1-2-3-3, and so forth.
Expand your lungs further by chanting Military-impromptu chants while running... and you also get to smile at what the leader can compose at a whim!
The Guerilla men behind the Guerilla race

Join the TrueNorth Fitness Bootcamp now and get "Better, Stronger, Together"! Visit True North Fitness Boot Camp’s Facebook page and website for more details.

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