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Sierra 51050 Race Mechanics and Safety Reminders

The Team Leader's orientation held last night was a success, it was well attended by the registered teams, friends from the media/bloggers, our volunteer crews from Team USB, Running Photographers, Six:30, and of course the whole RDV teams was also more than happy with the presence of our Co-Presentors from World Balance Philippines and Tupperware Brands Phils.

For some of the registered Running teams who were not able to make it last night, and also to those who are yet to register for 50K Team Relay or the 21K Duo Team, here are the race mechanics and safety reminders that you ought to know about. This was discussed last night and a QandA was ran-down during the discussions.

Race Mechanics:

Sierra 51050's relay is not your regular team relay race. Ours is a unique and first of its kind of team relay in which two of the teammates will run from specific distances and must arrive at the check-in station at the same time. We encourage team spirit, so as much as possible, we recommend that both the tandem buddies must pace, push, encourage, and motivate each other so you could both finish with a better time.

If leaving your slower teammate alone would result for him to be able to run much better, that is also welcome, but your time will not be recorded and your team's next leg will not be flagged-off until both of you are on the check-in station.

The start and finish line will be at the assembly hall of Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort (SMHR) in Tanay, Rizal. The route will be purely roads, traversing Marcos Hi-way (Marikina-Infanta Hi-way). The series will be as follows:
  1. Runner A will be flagged-off at the starting line, running towards the 1st station (km. 10) in GSD Compound, Sampaloc, Tanay.
  2. At the 1st station (km. 10), Runner A will check-in his time. Then both Runners A & B will run in tandem going to the 2nd station, Antipolo-bound.
  3. Upon reaching km. 20 (in-front of SMHR), Runner A will drop-out and check-in their time, then Runners B & C will run in tandem towards the 3rd station (km. 30).
  4. At the 3rd station, Runner B will drop-out and check-in their time. Runner D will then start running in tandem with Runner C towards the 4th station (km. 40).
  5. On the 4th station (km. 40) which is the final check-in station, Runner C will drop-out and check-in their time. Runner E will then start running in tandem with Runner D towards the finish line.
  6. Upon reaching 500-meters before the Finish line, Runners A-E will have the option to join their team for the final stretch of crossing the Finish line together.

Below is how each team member will be deployed before starting:

And this is how the team member's position along the check-in stations after running each of their legs:

Race Rules:
  • Team Waivers must be submitted before 5:00 AM. No waiver, no racebibs, 15-minutes late = DNS (did not start).
  • Racebib must be visible at all times and should be pinned in front.
  • International runners are limited to two (2) per team.
  • In case of injured runner (before or during the race), the team shall decide who will cover the remaining distance and the same runner must also run his own leg.
  • Support vehicles must post the team tarp with the Sierra logo and text: “RACE ON-GOING”
  • The tandem runners must arrive at the same time at each check-in stations.
  • Failure to check-in means an incomplete lap. Any incomplete lap deems the whole team as DNF (did not finish).
  • Transition stations will be situated every 10-km and will have a corresponding timekeeper to record the running tandem’s arrival.
  • Runners are advised to bring their own hydration equipments as water refilling stations will only be available at each check-in stations (every 10-kilometers).
  • Strictly NO-LITTERING and NO USING OF PLASTICS. Anyone caught violating their policy will be subject to penalty from fines to imprisonment.
  • PLEASE BE LAW-ABIDING! RDV and the Tanay government shall not be liable to anyone caught violating the rules.
  • The weather between 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM can be chilly. Gear up with a windbreaker to protect yourselves from the cold climate.

Safety Reminders:
  • All runners must run in single file, at the opposite side of the road, and minding the blind curves and passing motorists.
  • Marshals/Barangay Tanods will be deployed at regular intervals along the course, they will be available for communication assistance should there be no network coverage along the area.
  • Headlights, flashlights, or blinkers, and at least one (1) reflective vest is a must for Runners A and/or B.
  • Each team may bring:
    1. Extra money
    2. Cap /sunvisor
    3. Sunblock
    4. Extra clothes
    5. SIM card from various network
    6. Ample foods and hydration for the team
    7. First-aid kit
  • I.C.E, you may approach our Marshals or Tanods, or contact us directly at the following numbers: 0922-849-2384 (Sun) * 0915-803-0224 (Globe) * (number for Smart will be posted soon).

Race Day Weather Forecast:

Kilometer Markers:

You may take a break and have your best shots at these kilometer markers with the Sierra Madre mountains on the background.

Sierra 51050 would like to thank the following race sponsors and partners:

Sierra 51050 Co-Presentors
  1. World Balance Philippines - Official sports gear
  2. Tupperware Brands Philippines
  3. Spyder Philippines - Official sports eyewear
  4. Suunto Philippines - Official timekeeper
  5. Pascual Labs Philippines - Official health partner
  6. Creamline Dairy - Refreshment partner
  7. SensaCare(R) Premium hot and cold herb packs - Relaxation and Pain relief partner
  8. SecondWind Running Store - Official registration partner
  9. Running Photographers - Official event photographer
  10. Tanay LGU, Team USB and Six:30 Running Group

Godspeed Runners and see you on Race Day!

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