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Spyder Corsair - Elite Sports Shades

Back in 2010 during one of our LSD (long slow distance) training for the TBR Dream Marathon 2010 where I first had my longer than 15K distance training run, I realized that sunglass is also an important gear when running under the heat of the sun. It was that time that my eyes became so fatigued after the training due to the combined heat of the sun and lack of sleep from getting up early to travel to the training venue. So before the big event, I decided to buy my first pair of Spyder Razor shades that I could use for training and other outdoor escapades.

Spyder Corsair
While canvassing for the many choices of sunglasses back then, Spyder caught my attention the most because of the design which has really appealed to me, the len's shape that fits good on my face, and of course, the price which is also just right for my budget.

Spyder is a high-performance and athletic gear brand that provides products ranging from Optics, Helmets, Watches, and other Sports apparels.

A few weeks ago, I received a pair of Spyder Corsair shades courtesy of Mr. Francis Romero from the Commercial arm of Spyder Philippines - Roshan Commercial Corporation. The Spyder Corsair is one of Spyder's Elite series shades. It comes in Titanium-Matte colored frame with two (2) extra pairs of interchangeable lenses.

I have already used the Spyder Corsair in some of my runs, biking, and strolls around BGC, and here's my take about the shades:
Spyder Corsair Elite series
  1. Lightweight - As compared to the Razor model (which is steel framed), the Corsair topped the weightless category that there were times I get nervous thinking that the shades has already fell-off from my head (when not clipped on my ears), but, it was just there.
  2. Comfortable - Despite sweating hard while running or biking, the arms doesn't irritate nor cause any irritation on my ears.
  3. Design - Simply great looking, a perfect combination of simplicity and style. The color of the frames also blends on the different lenses that it comes with.
  4. Interchangeable Lenses - having a total of three (3) lenses to boot in any lighting conditions, Spyder Corsair lens can be easily changed in three (3) easy steps (check out the Product Guide for proper removal and replacement). It didn't take me more than a minute figuring out how to change the lens even without the product guide.
  5. Value for Money - Compared to other outdoor shades brands, Spyder is a good choice for anyone looking for a great quality product that doesn't burn a hole from your pocket.
  6. Great Quality - At first, I thought that shades made of plastic-like materials will easily break. I was even really so careful the first time I tried to change the lens. I later earned the confidence that Spyder Corsair is sturdy. You will know more why at the next items:
  7. Built on Technology (sourced from Team Spyder website):
    • Resillens™ - this is what is made the Spyder Corsair (and other Spyder shades) durable and light, ten times more impact-resistant than other plastics, and exceeds resistance requirements by 40 times. The material is a natural ultraviolet filter, blocking 100% of the sun's damaging UV rays without the need for special lens coating.
    • Grilamid - an almost indestructible homopolynamide nylon characterized by an extremely high bending strength. Remarkably tough, exceptionally resistant to chemicals and sweat, and highly resistant to UV damage and breakdown.
The titanium-matte frame doesn't look like plastic at all
Spyder Corsair frame without the lens
Corsair's left arm
Nose bridge, lighter than most plastic and glass-made nose bridges
Corsair in Orange lens
Corsair in Smoke lens

One thing more that I still need to test though from Spyder Corsair is if doesn't fog in cold weather (most important when I'm having my run in my hometown in Baguio).

Spyder Corsair is already available at SM Department Stores and is retailed at Php 1,600.00.

For your further reference, here's also a short article stating five (5) importance of why we should wear sunglasses. Check it out from

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