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Milo Apex Season 7: Week 7 Burpee Burnout

If you were looking for our Week 6 training, sorry but I missed that whole weeks' training sessions plus another day for the 7th week, giving me a total of 4 straight training absences (Sessions 14-17). It was because I was in a daily trance of sleep-headedness due to insomnia attacks which lasted the whole week. Nevertheless, I was able to have a quality weekend training in replacement of the Milo Apex's Weekend LSD together with some PhilSky members and applicants where we ran (I was only expecting a hike) and pushed ourselves towards the summits of Mt. Batulao in Cuenca, Batangas.

When I came back for Session#18 of the 7th week training, I was a bit nervous about what level of training were they doing already, and turns out, it wasn't the usual training method I have in mind. Coach Jim was present so it's another wasakan session as we would all expect from him whenever he's around.

Our warmup was not even easy, and I think, those weren't supposed-to-be part of warmup as those were my main strengthening home workouts. Our main workout for the eve, is a 100-burpees. The coaches called our evening session as the 100 Burpee burn-out, broken into ten (10) variations by 10 counts each. So here's how our 18th session(Oct. 23) goes:

Warmup run:
2-km relax-to-race pace from apartment to Quezon Memorial Circle

1st Warmup:
  • 10 reps Jumping lunges
  • 10 reps four-corner squats (in-out, forward-back)
  • 30-seconds break then proceed to the next Warmup
Four-corner squats
2nd Warmup (10-repetitions each, 3-sets circuit):
  • Regular Squats (+10 seconds hold after the 10th rep)
  • In-Out Squats (+10 seconds hold after the 10th rep)
  • 30-seconds break then repeat 2x
In-out squats
3rd Warmup (10-repetitions each, 3-sets circuit):
  • Regular Pushups (+10 seconds hold after the 10th rep)
  • 1-side overloading Pushup (+10 seconds hold after the 10th rep)
  • 30-seconds break then repeat 2x
Coach Toni doing the 1-side overloading pushup
Main Workout (100-Burpees Burnout, 10-variations, 10-repetitions each variation):
  1. Diamond pushup burpee
  2. Front and Back squats burpee
  3. Frog squats burpee (hands on floor)
  4. Star pushup burpee (leg crossover)
  5. Table-top burpee (instead of pushup, do a tabletop plank)
  6. Superman plank burpee (alternate arm-leg raise)
  7. Single-legged plank burpee (5 reps per leg)
  8. Surfer's stand burpee (like how you would standup and balance on a surf-board)
  9. Side-to-side burpee
  10. Split-hops lunge burpee (one-leg forward, one-leg backward as you jump)
Frog-squats burpee
Single-legged plank burpee
Star burpee
Surfer's stand burpee
So what happened afterwards? The world around me is revolving on its own, and I think these workouts are now my new favorite! :)

  • 10-minutes cooldown run
  • Cooldown stretching (20-seconds each stretch)
  • 2-km walk-jog going home
  • Static stretching cooldown (20-counts per stretch)
*Photos courtesy of Oriyhel Briguela. You may also watch the short video of the workout from Phiclique Mata Photography's FB page.

3rd Day (Session #19, Oct. 26):

This was a weekend hiking session for 5K and 10K runners (some 21K and 42K also joined) at Mt. Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas, while those who were left behind did an LSD at Shotgun in San Mateo, Rizal. As for me, yes, I'm again absent! I would've liked to join the Shotgun LSD but the following day will be a 21K race in Nuvali for the final (3rd) leg of the Safeguard-2XU Sole Running.

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