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What Are Your Dreams?

Somebody asked me: "What is your dream car?"

I read where he's going, so I answered him by saying what he wanted to hear: "a pick-up truck worth 1M pesos!"

In reality, I don't dream of having a car. That's the very least of what I want in life. All I want is that someday I could ride my bike wherever I need to go. That someday, I will be able to go back to the province, with surroundings still fresh and unpolluted, and be one with nature once again, run barefoot on its brownish yet pure mud, lie my back down on the grassfield, slide down the slopes of the mountain, and be chased by wandering animals in the forest!

A few months ago, I had visualized a business Company (Philippine setting) where arriving at the office while in bike jersey or in running outfit isn't prohibited as long as the employee will clean-up first and change into office attire before proceeding to his working area. Yes, there were also secured parking slots for the bikes! I wonder where or when will this happen?


Should dreams be always measured by how much will it cost? You might answer "NO". But why do we dream of having a grand house, a luxury car, and savings worth millions where after a few years, the value of these dreams will decline too much?

Call me skeptic, but I'm not the one whom you will hear about having grandoise dreams. I don't visualize myself of living in a posh house, I don't even save money just to buy a car, heck I don't even have my own driver's license yet (the Company where I'm working at is just within the vicinity of the LTO office), and I'm not also putting all my money in bank savings where its value will not be able to keep up with inflation.


Here's a part of my ideology when I was still inexperienced in life, back in College when I was still daydreaming about my ideal family, and my question to myself now that my kids are growing: Will I be able to keep it?

I don't visualize my kids when at their right age to just sit down and have me provide for all their needs. They will have to learn how to fish or provide for themselves, strive for their own dreams, save up for what they want, and experience hardwork because I know that's the way which they will learn how to appreciate the smallest among us, and realize the bigger things about life.

How about you, what are your dreams in life?

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