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Milo Apex Season 7: Week 5 at a Glance

Back at Quezon Memorial Circle for the 5th week training (Oct 7 and 9), I expected that our training will begin with more intense speed running drills, but in contrary, our exercises still focused on more recovery and conditioning. The conditioning exercises though still proved to be challenging to complete.

1st Day (Session #12):

Warmup run:
2-km relax pace from apartment to Quezon Memorial Circle

Warmup: (12-15 counts each)
  1. Leg rotations
  2. Hip rotations
  3. Leg swings
  4. Trunk rotations
  5. Arm swings
  6. Round-the-clock lunges
  7. Jump ropes
  8. Heel flicks
  9. Single leg hops
  10. Single leg balance (closed eye)
  11. Lateral hops (side-to-side, front-to-back)
Recovery and Conditioning Exercises: (1-minute each, 2-sets circuit)

The purpose of the following exercises, such as the foam rolls are for self-myofascial release or soft-tissue therapy to treat muscle immobility and pain. The foam rollers were also used to release the iliotibial band tightness (ITB unloading).
  1. Foam rolls (Hamstring for 1st set, ITB-side for 2nd set)
  2. Ali shuffles on tire
  3. Mountain climbers (elevated on tire)
  4. Planks with single leg raise
  5. Lying leg raises with theraband stretch
Ali Shuffles on tire
Mountain climbers on tire

Planks with single-leg raise
Lying leg raises with theraband stretch

Run Workout:
  1. 30-minutes recovery run
  • 2-km relax pace going home
  • Static stretching cooldown (20-counts per stretch)

2nd Day (Session #13):

Warmup run:
2-km relax-to-race pace from apartment to Quezon Memorial Circle

Warmup: theraband stretches (10-counts per leg)
Single-leg back-lunges
Figure 4 squats
Single-leg resisted high-knees
  1. Single leg back-lunges (arms sideward raised)
  2. Resisted high-knees (arms forward stretched)
  3. Single-leg deadlifts (theraband stretched sidewards upon lift)
  4. Single-leg figure-4 squats (arms sideward raised)
  5. Single-leg back extensions (two arms raised)
  6. 20-minutes run
Core Strength Workout: (1-minute each side, 2-sets circuit)

Stability ball rollover
V-up with medicine ball pass
Crab swings to table-top w/toe touches
  1. Turkish kettlebell get-up (Kettlebell on right-hand 1st set; left-hand on the 2nd set)
  2. Stability ball toes rollover (body forming an inverted V) + shin-rollover to hip rotation
  3. V-up with medicine ball (+ out-in passes on 1st set; in-out passes on the 2nd set)
  4. Crab swings to table-top with toe touches
Run Workout:
  1. 10-minutes recovery run
  • 2-km jog going home
  • Static stretching cooldown (20-counts per stretch)

3rd Day (no session):
This weekend was supposed to be our Aquatic training, one of the training that I have been waiting for but it was cancelled due to the signal #2 typhoon Santi.

All photos courtesy of Oriyhel Briguela.

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