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Milo Apex Season 7: Week 4 at a Glance

The fourth week of the first level of Milo APEX training was a rest-and-recovery week, but still focused on engaging and activating the core through the use of stability and medicine balls, TRX, and Yoga stretches. These training sessions were held at the Quezon City Hall grounds since the Quezon Memorial Circle wasn't available as it was being prepared for ABS-CBN's weekend show.

1st Day (Session #9):

Warmup Run:
2-km relax-to-race pace from apartment to Quezon Memorial Circle

Warmup: (30-seconds each)
  1. Jog in place
  2. Skip-hops
  3. Ali shuffles
  4. Knee highs
  5. Jumping jacks
  6. Shoulder jacks
  7. Squats
  8. Single-leg squats
  9. Knee-hug with calf-raises
  10. Leg rotations
Workouts: (2-minutes per set, 2-sets circuit)
  1. Single leg calf-raises with overhead theraband stretches
  2. Single-leg lift + pelvic tilt on medicine ball
  3. TRX single-leg hip flexion hops with floor touches
  4. Lying straight leg-raises
  5. Back extensions with alternate arm-leg raises
  6. Stability ball forearm plank with mountain climbers
Below are some photos taken during the workout sessions. Photos courtesy of Oriyhel Briguela:

Lying straight-leg raises
Back extensions w/alternate arm-leg raises
Single-leg lift with pelvic tilt on medicine ball
TRX single-leg hip flexion hops w/floor touches

Run Workout:
  1. 30-minutes run
  • 2-km race pace going home
  • Static stretching cooldown (20-counts per stretch)

2nd Day (Session #10):

Warmup Run:
2-km relax-to-race pace from apartment to Quezon Memorial Circle

Core Training/Activation: (30-minutes)

This session's main workout was a progressive core activation which lasted only for less than 30-minutes, but proved to be very well effective. It was my first time doing a progressive workout and it was a bit hard to follow since we have to focus on our form while listening to the verbal instruction on what move we're supposed to do next. Just on the first set, we've been sweating out too hard already and we did a total of 3-sets, each progressive set lasting for about 9-minutes.

Here's an instructional audio of our 25++ minutes yoga core-activation workout.

Run Workout:
  1. 50-minutes run
  • 2-km walk going home
  • Static stretching cooldown (20-counts per stretch)

3rd Day (Session #11):

The weekend session was an LSD run at UP, but, for the fourth time, I wasn't able to join again because of insomnia and late time waking up. To make up for this lost schedule, I just made a 13K run in the afternoon from the Apartment to UP and vice versa.

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