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EasySoft Office Shoes by World Balance

Have you ever wished that there's an office shoes that can brave the mud, rain waters, or even the floods brought about by sudden rainfalls and flash floods due to our changing climate? Some of us would bring a pair of slippers in our daily commute/travel to the office just to be ready for the nature's surprises, but what about the infections that we can get from animal urine that comes from the floodwater like the most common leptospirosis? Or sharp objects, broken glass, and other debris that could harm our precious feet while on our way home?

World Balance, as we previously know was one of the popular sportswear brand more commonly for shoes. World Balance International have been around since 1980 and has established a reputation among Filipino consumers for its good quality, stylish designs, and affordability.

I was recently surprised with their recent product that was introduced to me, the EasySoft line of shoes that is positioned to be an alternative for office leather shoes that which can be used to brave the muds and murky waters.

Can your office shoes do that?
One of my dilemma with most of my office shoes is that since it is built and designed for people to move or walk with much grace and care, we cannot afford to put too much stress in an office shoe which it will get when we are in a hurry and need to run. My initial impression of the World Balance's EasySoft was that it can also be great when you're chasing the traffic or the office time while in an office attire. This was because of its rubber-like material and it also has an EVA insole that aids in shock absorption, much like a running shoe (I think this is the only office shoe which has a removable EVA insole, correct me if I'm wrong).

The EasySoft shoes currently comes in three (3) models (and in three colors of White, Brown, and Black):
  1. Lincoln
  2. Black Hawk
  3. Nevada
Ryan Boiser wearing the Nevada model

Also one more impressive thing about the shoe aside from the EVA insole is that it is made of plastic material with a consistency of rubber, but when worn, it doesn't even look like it is not a leather shoe. This plastic material is called VicroTech, and it is flexible yet durable, and since it is plastic-based, it becomes waterproof.

The EasySoft Black Hawk, comes with a removable EVA insole

The only downside of the shoe is that it is a bit more heavy compared to the usual office shoes, and since it is from a plastic material, the feet easily gets sweaty, specially when surrounding or the weather is hot.

In summary, here're my impression of World Balance's EasySoft Black Hawk with size of US7.0 (Eur40):

  1. A good alternate office shoe when raining due to its waterproof material;
  2. No movement restriction feel on the legs and feet when you are in a hurry or heavy walking due to its flexible property;
  3. It naturally goes with the foot's arching movement when walking without loosing its durability due to the plastic base yet rubber consistency;
  4. The removable EVA insole is an added bonus for more shock absorption;
  5. Non-slip outsole for better grip even on slippery surface;
  6. Great for always-on-the-go workers, in rainy days, or for Students who are always faced in floods or muddy streets;
  7. Price is very affordable (unbelievably low price) at ONLY Php 299.75.
  1. The shoe is still much heavier compared to usual office shoes;
  2. Feet feels suffocated when worn for a long period in a day (although, most office shoes aren't really built to become breathable);
  3. Black hawk model's design looks a bit bulky even for semi-hugfit slacks pants.
Inside the office
On another angle

This is the first time I reviewed a shoe not intended for running, but it has still passed my expectation because there are many times that I do still run going home or going to the office (yes, while in polo and slacks pants) and wearing the EasySoft Blackhawk model has freed my inhibitions and movement limitations when wearing a stiffer office shoes. With these said, World Balance still did a great job coming out with this great office shoe alternative.

World Balance will soon release new models of the EasySoft and also coming up with EasySoft shoes that are geared towards more casual attires!

Check out some more photos of the EasySoft Black Hawk:

The EasySoft waterproof, flexible, and durable outer
Stitched and rounded-design front
Thicker EasySoft heel edge for smoother impact
EVA insole insert
rounded cell-like design sole pad (supposed to make the shoe lighter)
Non-grip EasySoft outsole
No problem with water


  1. Nice Shoes...

    Handsome models.
    Great value for 300php only..

  2. Do they have one for female?

    Perfect shoes for our unpredictable weather.
    Nice one Atom, see you on the road.

  3. EasySoft shoes for females will come out soon according to World Balance Phils, so watch out for it.

    Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog :)

  4. Is there anywhere to order online?

  5. How come the the price now is 399.75 in Landmark Trinoma bec. Ive already bought.?tnx


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