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A Runner’s Summit set for August 17 Presented by Enervon Activ

They train hard. They eat right. They take vitamins and supplements. They join races. They beat their own personal records. These are just some of the preparations and priorities of runners as they pursue their passion for running. Proper nutrition and training are, after all, significant to their performance and endurance.

As running becomes more popular among Filipinos, and as runners progress into competitive running, marathons and even triathlons, they have started to invest time, effort and resources in their health and well-being.

Enervon Activ, a premium vitamin that aids in stamina-building for people pursuing an active lifestyle, is providing runners an opportunity to tap into the expertise and vast experiences of top coaches, sports science experts, and sports nutritionists through the one-day Active Health Runner’s Summit on August 17, a whole day learning program presented by Enervon Activ, for runners aspiring to progress better, particularly runners who are planning to run longer distances in their future races such as the upcoming Run United Philippine Marathon on October 6.

“We are providing runners with a holistic approach and lifestyle solutions that can empower them to progress in their sports and reach their ultimate potential,” said Alex Panlilio, head of Unilab Active Head, which is the title sponsor of the Run United and Tri United series of races.

The Active Health Runner’s Summit will include sessions on running physiologies and key methods on proper sports nutrition. The summit will be divided into three modules: first is the Runner’s Machine, a segment for an appreciation of a runner’s physical body; then the Runner’s Fuel, a segment to understand science-based sports nutrition needs particularly for endurance runners; and finally the Beyond Running segment, which touches on the mental fitness needed when gunning for longer distances.

Reil Vinard Santos Espino, Kris Agarao and Saul Sibayan of the University Of Santo Tomas’ Sports Science Department will discuss the differences of an endurance runner’s body versus other types of builds of athletes; this way runner’s will learn how to efficiently maximize their physical assets. Premiere race organizer, coach and long-distance runner Rio Dela Cruz will also share his expertise on how runners can improve their running practices and eventually achieve their running goals, especially in big feats like in a full marathon.

Jeaneth Aro, President and Chief Nutritionist of NUTRIFIT Philippines, will provide the basics how food intake works in the body to give endurance runners that needed push in their long distance feats. She will also be touching on the effectiveness of having a pre, during, and after nutrition regimen, in her segment ‘The Science of Eating for Sport Success’.

The program also includes a discussion on how mental battles can greatly affect one’s achievements, especially after long hours of running. Celebrity long distance runner and triathlete Kim “Kuya Kim” Atienza will share how runner’s can take a step forward in their mental battles with his talks on Motivation for Endurance Runners and Mental Fitness Preparation Techniques.

“Runners who want to level up and improve their running performance would definitely learn a lot from this summit; this is something that hasn’t been done before, made especially for endurance runners,” said Jaymie ‘The Bull Runner’ Pizarro.

Unilab Active Health’s top athletes and brand ambassadors Run Rio CEO Rio dela Cruz, triathlon coaches Dan and Ani De Leon-Brown and the Bull Runner Jaymie Pizarro will also attend the Active Health Runner’s Summit, which will be held at the Jose Y. Campos Hall, Bayanihan Center of United Laboratories, Inc. Pasig City.

The summit is open to a maximum of 500 participants only. Registration is open until August 14. Participants will receive the following: Sports Nutrition Pack, Presenters Handouts, Meals and Active Health tokens. For more details, please visit the Facebook page of Unilab Active Health and the following websites: or

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