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RunningAtom in Sand Art

Back in college when my creative juice was still soaring with curiosity, I've been somehow exposed to traditional, ethnic, and experimental arts which Mr. E.V. Espiritu - our Theater director in Tropang-Paltok, instilled on us as member of the group. We were divided in different pools such as the creatives, dancers, singers, and actors. I was in the acting group (no, not the one who can make you cry, I mime) but all of us were required to work as one with the creative groups in building our props, costumes, instruments, and stage backdrops. This is where I learned how to truly appreciate even the tiniest and smallest material that we can gather anywhere to create something useful as a tool for our shows.

But one of those arts that I haven't came across to, and only came to know about lately, was the Sand art (well, we don't really have sands in Baguio). Sand art, was made known to me by Jasmin Baptista of Masterworks Events through her young but really talented sand-artist Bryan Crespo.

Check out my own logo rendered under different light exposures in the magical sand-art table as rubbed by Bryan Crespo himself:

RunningAtom™ logo sand-art in yellow light

the same logo in white light

and in blue light

Here's the video shoot of the actual sand-art making of the RunningAtom™ logo:

From creation of one simple object, with a light touch and graceful hand movement, the artist creates another object until it achieves and unfolds a great story line behind a touching background music. You will never know that there's really magic in sands when held and spread out by a talented artist.

Here's a better video from Masterworks with a storyline, a sand-art interpretation of the "Earth Song" during the Green Dot Company's launching event held just last May, 2013.

Sand Art interpretation of Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" (video courtesy of Masterworks Events)

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