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The First Amazing Pinoy Fun Run

Last May 25, the long-awaited non-officially timed fun run aimed to raise fund for the Clark Foundation and Filipino Needy Children's Fund Inc. was successfully staged and participated by runners ranging from beginners to some elites, who all conquered the different interactive challenge stations along the route.

I chose not join the run but I still went to support the event as a blogger, unofficial photographer, spectator and to accompany three (3) of my friends who became my representatives in each of the category (3K, 5K, and 10K). Not wanting to be left behind around the activity area while they were enjoying the race route, I followed around 90% of the 5K route to snap a few photos at some of their obstacle stations: First at the 34th street was the mini-maze made from steel barricades; balance beam near the Mind Museum at Rizal drive; the 3-levels of super-limbo; and fourth was the two-sets of tinikling at the 26th street just a few meters from the finish line.

What's wonderful about being a spectator sometimes is that you see many faces for many times, smiling, enjoying the run, having a great time on the obstacles, and also some who are always on serious-mode, competitive-mode, and "just plain" running-mode. These things you don't often see at the finish line as most are either already cooling-down, cheering, exchanging stories with friends, taking pictures, or piling up on different sponsor booths.

This brainchild race of Chris Everingham, Andrew Wolff, Jon Avila, and others, together with Coach Edward Kho under EventLogic was successful in bringing the fun to the participants by incorporating Filipino traditional obstacle games. Runners who stayed after the race were also able to witness the friendly-match between the athletes of Philippine Volcanoes and Philippine Azkals.

For those who wasn't able to join, keep posted as I heard there will be another leg of this Filipino-filled obstacle fun run.

Check-out some photos and a few videos from the event below:

Alvin and Carl warming up

Super Mario bro sisters seen at the Starting line

First batch of the runners coming out from the mini-maze

short yet narrow balance-beam

Runners enjoying the last set of the super limbo

Coach Edward and Chris Everingham giving demo of the exhibition match

10K Male and Female Winners

Here's a short video of the 3 final obstacles to the finish line:

The Philippine Volcanoes vs. Philippine Azkals Exhibition Match

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