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Explorac Invitational Trail Run

What: R.O.X Explorac Invitational Trail Run

When: 8 June 2013 Saturday, 5:00 AM

Where: Ayala Visitor's Center, Porac, Pampanga

Trail Route Background:

Explorac Trail Run offers 11k and 22k rough terrain. Trail run will start at Ayala’s Visitor Center and will end at the Ayala Nature Park. The course has a flat to hilly terrain and majority of it is hard surface. The trail features wet/dry river bed, if not all, are heavily silted by mudflow due to Mt. Pinatubo's eruption way back 1991 and succeeding lahar flows.

In some areas, moderate steep climb will be experienced along the rough terrain portion and huge lahar track will potentially challenge your trail running skills. Opportunity like running under the SCTEX bridge and passing through beside waterfalls are a few of the scenery that the trail offers. Rise and Shine as your explore Porac through trail running.

Visit, follow on Twitter for further details, and visit Explorac's facebook fanpage to get to know the biking events that will also happen on the same date.

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