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Urban Trail Haven at Filinvest City

How do you like the idea of having a green and tree-lined trails inside a modern metro and central business district that is highly accessible from varying destinations? A close-to garden city, nature-inspired urban hub where you and your family can spend any day for a great family bonding coupled with peace of mind that everybody is safe with round-the-clock security, away from dangerous motor vehicles and its pollutants, and with ease of movement as you run or bike along the lush landscapes?

Previously known as Filinvest Corporate City, this fully integrated Urban development, self-contained community has been revitalized to become a home not only to Corporations, but also to the growing needs of having a breathing and living city where everyone could enjoy a multi-dimensional and cosmopolitan lifestyle -- live, work, and play! Sporting a total land area of 244 hectares 10-km away from NAIA and 30-mins away from Makati, this Urban haven away from the noise of the city is highly accessible from various access roads such as SLEX, Alabang-Zapote Rd., Old National Highway, Skyway, Daanghari, and West Service Road.

Filinvest City inspires fresh perspectives with their becoming of a Garden City that provides open spaces for a healthy, and refreshing lifestyle for an al fresco fun and action. I have experienced this respite from the stress of the urban jungle when Filinvest City invited us for a short trail run along the tree-lined pathways at the Promenade, landscape views of the green belt, and garden patches of the trail route. Being a modern Urban community, it is an awe to see how Filinvest (together with other biking organizations) were able to rehabilitate and conserve an area where its Residents can experience being close to nature without going out and farther from home. A round of run or bike in the morning can give you the fresh air to energize your whole day, or in the afternoon to refresh your tired body and stressed eyes.

This 2013, one of Filinvest's biggest thrust is to make them the Metro's Events destination where one may enjoy various activities for different lifestyles. Inspiring an outdoor fun, one lane of the major thoroughfare around Commerce, Corporate, Parkway, and Filinvest avenues will be closed to public every Sunday from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM. This move is their Carless Sundays effort to better serve the already existing running and biking community and make this population even larger.

Another part of their effort to promote healthy and green lifestyle is a regular afternoon of Instructional Running Clinic for those who want to start running or living a healthy lifestyle beginning on the 11th of May 2013.

Also to celebrate the joint efforts of the community in rehabilitating the newly-expanded 9-km biking/running trails, Filinvest City and the Executive Off-road Racing Association (EXO) will host a Cross-country race on the 18th of May 2013. This event will be supported by the Primer Group of brands (ROX and Columbia).

Believing that summer is a celebration of the outdoors, their main summer event will held on the 26th of May 2013. Partnering with a Men's consumer brand, Filinvest City is claiming the position as an off-road sporting venue in the middle of the city by hosting the XTerra Mud Run, the previous Putik Pare but with added obstacle stations to make the run more exciting.

For more information on Filinvest City’s special events, call 846-0278 loc 7093, visit and follow them on Facebook: FC.inspiringpossibilities


  1. This is very beautiful man. It's too bad more cities do not offer this type of environment to get lost in. Thanks for sharing and enjoyed the video as well.

  2. Indeed Sir Kenley... Filinvest is the City where the green (nature)-minded thrives :)


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