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The Only Milk with Glucosamine - Anlene Total

Last Thursday (18th April 2013), Fonterra Brands Philippines - the maker of Anlene, Anchor, and Anmum, launched a new development into their leading bone nutrition milk product. Already known as the expert in bone nutrition with a range of high calcium milk formulated especially to support our optimal bone health, Anlene yet delivers more to also provide preventive measures for the degenerating joint health as we age and as a result of the natural daily wear and tear.

The interactive product launch of the Anlene Total, hosted by Marc Nelson and Ms. Issa Litton, was held at Beyond Yoga Studio of Il Terrazo Bldg. in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Joining them who answered the questions of invited audience and attendees were Dr. Francis Altarejos (Vice Chairman, Phil. Board of Orthopaedics);
Ms. Mary Louise Liao (Asst. Brand Manager of Anlene); and Ms. Angela Pablo (Nutrition Manager of Fonterra Brands Phils.). The program started with light workouts headed by Mr. Mark Wood (Master Fitness Trainer in California, USA) to demonstrate how our daily activities put pressure and present damage to the bones and specially to our joints. The workouts were aimed to see how well the participants can move, rotate, and lift their own weights by doing squats, lunges, non-weighted deadlifts, and sidewards arm rotation.

Following the light workout was the demonstration of anti-gravity Yoga by some of the Beyond Yoga instructors, and which at the culmination, the attendees were also given the chance to try it for themselves.

The participants doing squats

All these workouts shows how important having a lubricated and well-functioning joints is. As we all know, our joints provide the lubrication between two adjoining bones. However, the joint cartilage which protects the ends of our bones can degenerate and wear out which causes stiffness and restricts our movement. Sure, our body produces the lubrication needed but its ability to do so is reduced as we age.

Anlene Total is the first and the only milk that is now fortified with the building blocks of our cartilage -- Glucosamine, and with twice as much calcium than regular milk. The combination of nano-Calcium and Glucosamine in Anlene Total helps to maintain and protect not only our bones but also to fortify the cartilage in our joints as well! This comes as great news to us who have an active lifestyle, to those living a normal day-to-day life, and even to the sedentary ones who by the way, are also very much prone to Osteoarthritis.

Mr. Mark Wood doing the anti-gravity Yoga

Aside from the two essential nutrients for our bone and joints, Anlene Total is a low-fat powdered milk product, added with Vitamins A, B-Complex, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D which helps our body absorb calcium, Protein, and other Minerals such as Magnesium, Iron, Selenium, Manganese, Potassium, and Zinc -- all of which are essential for a well functioning body.

Yoga instructor showing one of the hardest pose
Marc Nelson trying to execute the same
Ms. Issa Litton going upside down

My Take:

Being a runner, our joints are as important to us as much as our feet, and time will come that we might already feel the effects of the thousands of shocks and vibrations absorbed in our knees and hips.

I have already been diagnosed with arthritis and uric acid deposits in my knee joints back in 2010. And for me to not experience the pain and prevent it from further aggravation, I have been prescribed with Glucosamine and Chondoitrin. Now it's a great relief that I can already enjoy both the bone and joint fortification with Anlene Total's unique combination of Glucosamine and nano-Calcium in one milk without taking thise capsuled-medicines.

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