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Takbo Para sa Kabataang Pinoy Racekit Winners

And the winner is...... oopppss!

And the winners are........

Before anything else, I want to thank everyone who joined the racekit giveaway for the Takbo Para sa Kabataang Pinoy raffle contest. There were a lot of entries, a lot who joined and aspired to win a racekit, and fortunately, the Organizers are so generous to give four (4) racekits for this event. So without further ado, the lucky entries who won the racekits as randomly picked by RaffleCopter are the following:

3K Racekit:
  1. Quino Ramos
  2. Melchor Bustamante Borja
6K Racekit:
  1. Jhay Ramones
  2. Richard Loresca
I will send you an e-mail for the procedures on how to claim your race packet as soon as I get the Organizer's confirmation, so stay close and keep in touch. Please also be reminded that this race will be held on the 16th of April (4:30 PM) at Liwasang Ullalim in CCP grounds.

Congratulations again and to everyone who joined and wasn't lucky this time, just stay put 'coz there will be more surprises to be raffled off to you my avid readers... SOON!

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