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Additional Slots for NatGeo Earth Day Run 2013

NatGeo Registration Kiosk at Greenbelt 3

Last Saturday I claimed my racekit for the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2013, and as early as 11:30 AM, the line was piling up and race-kits for 5K and 10K race distances were fast closing. As of today, the Organizers of the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2013 have decided to add 2,000 new race slots, and herein are the breakdown of these available slots per race category:

  • 3k = 400 slots

  • 5k = 700 slots

  • 10k= 400 slots

  • 21k = 200 slots (race kit with complete inclusion)

  • 21k = 300 slots without race singlet at a lower registration fee of Php 780.00

These additional slots were made available starting tonight on a first-come, first-served basis.

Other important information:

  1. Online registration have been closed as slots intended for it have already been sold out.

  2. Once these 2,000 additional slots have been sold-out, registration at the Greenbelt 3 kiosk will already be closed.

  3. 300 slots for 21km with a lower registration fee of Php780 is available without a race singlet, all other race inclusions meant for 21k however will still be provided.

What are you waiting for? Head on now at Greenbelt 3 and register before all the additional slots are taken!

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