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In Case of Emergency, Check my ID On Me

Back when I have just started with outdoor activities like mountaineering and running, it never came to my mind that keeping an emergency contact information handy with me would be very important until a news about a runner who died in a prestigious Marathon broke out. It made me think that what if in some instance (I don’t want to think about dying), I tripped and bit my tongue that made me unable to speak, or due to drunkenness I fell asleep while running, or worse bumped my head and got a sudden amnesia? How am I supposed to know who I am? And how would the people, police, military, the medics, or even the Philippine President who might be trying to help me would know who am I or who to contact for the bill settlement in hospital (seriously!)?

After that much thinking, it was fortunate that some emergency accessories came out that got the attention of many such as an ID bracelet with a metallic face plate where the contact information will be engraved. Aesthetically, it looked good, functionally, it was also great. Unfortunately though, it didn’t appeal much to me because of its high pricing and I really don’t like the permanent engraving of contact information of any of our household to something that would be easily available for prying eyes. Another thing that concerns me is that we are never sure of how long are we going to keep the telephone/mobile number that we have. Sure there is an available replacement ID plate, but it also cost almost the same as buying a new one.

There’s also this one which I already forgot the name that offers a centralized database where the emergency information can be retrieved by just sending an SMS keyword to a portal number. That’s innovative but, impractical in some situations where there’s no good cellular signal.

My personal ICE card, used by my Son
Emergency information at the back

I thought about other alternatives to find a cheaper solution such as a dog tag (though I’m not a dog), or military tag (not a military either) that serves as a necklace but I don’t like it swinging on my neck while I’m running or dangling when climbing on trees as it could accidentally choke me. I even thought of designing my own “Atom-ICE card” that can be used as discount card from sport stores at the same time (haven’t pushed through with this though) but the one that I sticked with is a ziplocked-ID (ID wrapped in ziplock plastics) such as either my Philippine Red Cross membership card, HMO card, Club membership ID card, or PhilHealth card. I alternate which I bring along in my running short’s pocket or in my waist pouch until the prints of most of these cards faded or got defaced due to the repeated sweat, water, and other elemental exposures.

That pouch dangling at the left side of my waist is where I put my IDs

Almost dilapidated ID cards I bring along while running

Then a week ago, I received an ID on Me personal ID bracelet from Mr. Doms Pantaleon – owner and distributor of ID on Me Philippines. At first I thought it was just like the metal ID bracelet but upon checking their website, I was immediately impressed with the idea of replaceable and much cheaper version of information inserts made with Tyvek®, the same material used for race bibs that is both durable and water-resistant.

The ID on Me bracelet comes with four (4) pieces of Tyvek® inserts designed to be foldable with up to maximum six (6) lines where you can write important information details (mainly three (3) lines on the front and extra three (3) lines at the back). A sharpie® ultra fine point marker (sold separately) can be used for writing but any permanent marker can also be used, mine was written only with a local brand (HBW) black ballpoint pen.

The ID On Me Identification bracelet

The wristband is elastic and soft and won’t cause irritation on the skin. It is also adjustable and would fit wrist or ankle sizes of 4.5” to 7.5” in circumference. I just don’t know if how many water and sun’s heat exposure until the wristband will become bacon.

Three (3) extra Tyvek inserts comes with the package

For the past few days since I received the ID on Me, I always wear it whether I’m in the office, out for a run, a swim on the ocean (last Saturday after the Salomon RoadxTrail run) and even on last night’s biking under the heavy rain. On these two instances that I was wearing the ID On Me while dripping wet, I’m impressed that the water didn’t even get inside the compartment, that’s a great combination of having a water-resistant Tyvek® inserts and waterproof compartment at the same time.

ID on Me while working

In summary, here’re my thoughts about the ID On Me:

  1. Durable and water-resistant Tyvek® inserts
  2. Replaceable and updateable Tyvek® inserts
  3. Adjustable and replaceable wristband
  4. Since the wristband is replaceable, the lid can also be replaced
  5. Can be attached to shoelace (just remove the wristband)
  6. Critical information always available yet secured from prying eyes
  7. Relatively fair cost (SRP at Php 599.00 for bracelet, Php 450.00 for pendant)
  8. Lightweight and comfortable to wear just like a stylish accessory
  9. More lid colors to choose from
  10. Waterproof compartment with gasket compression
  1. Lid difficult to open (this could also be categorized as pro) and close
  2. Tyvek® insert can easily fall off when the lid is open (I secured mine by gluing the other end to the compartment)
Nice to Have:
  1. It could have been made better if a reflectorized strip is embedded for easy visibility in dark places
  2. Alert notice could have been much noticeable if it was marked on the front face instead on the underside
Overall, ID On Me is a great option for anyone, and even for your lovely pets. It provides an easy way to put and update your emergency information without engraving or sending those information to unsecured services. That’s vital information always on hand!

For more information about ID on Me, check out the ID on Me Philippines website or follow their Twitter account.

Watch the video of ID On Me's water proof test:

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