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30-Minutes Fitness Now in Quezon City

About more than a year ago (Sep 2011), a fitness club that pioneered the Country’s express fitness opened its branch in Makati – a good news for the people in the south. That time, I mentioned in my blog post that I hope someday they will also open their 3rd branch in Quezon City where it is more accessible to us who are in the Northern Metro area.

The People behind the 360 Fitness Club must have heard my plea back then, as to my surprise and gladness, they unveiled their 3rd branch to the Public last Saturday (Jan. 12, 2013), and guess where? Yeap, just in Timog area – a jog away from my turf! What great news, right? It was a great opening day as it was graced by a lot of people, fitness and non-fitness enthusiasts alike.

The 1st active station and last (20th) active rest station
Suspended pull-ups
Upon my arrival past 1:00PM at their new branch, I was welcomed by one of the Staff who is also entertaining other visitors and asked me if I would be interested to join their Circuit challenge, at which I excitingly obliged. Jeff Lo (PinoyFitness) was also there and introduced me to Ms. Jopi (Joana Piñon), the Managing Director. Some of the visitors were already sweating and puffing at the circuit trials, which gave me a good idea of what we might be doing for the circuit challenge.

Coach Chappy explaining the details of the Circuit Challenge
After a few minutes of waiting, Head Coach Christopher “Chappy” Callanta called us in at a bigger room to explain the mechanics of the circuit challenge. There were a number of us who are participating and we were divided into five groups of 4 members. Each group will compete by completing 4 different sets of circuit exercises simultaneously. The 4 circuit exercises were composed of 3 active workouts and 1 active rest: 1) Burpees; 2) 40-lbs dumbbell squats; 3) kettlebell swings; and 4) jumping jacks (active rest).

Circuit challengers doing the sample burpees
Participants warming-up for the Circuit Challenge
The member who was doing the burpees will have to complete 12 counts while the other members are doing the other circuit workouts. After 12 burpees, the members will rotate in doing the workouts and will continue until the time is up. The winning team was determined through the total number of dumbbell squats performed all throughout the 15-minutes allotted time, of which our team completed a total of 100 counts while the winning team – Teacher Cheryl’s team completed a total of 144, wow, that’s a lot!

That short circuit challenge really proved to be challenging, specially that I’ve been in hibernation for quite a number of weeks already. The dumbbell squats made my quads burn and the burpees made me puff hard – these two workouts were like a reminisce of the Metafit challenge of Immuvit. The kettlebell swing was a new workout to me of which I think I haven’t done properly, while the jumping jack still proved to be still a hard one when you’re already out of breath and leg strength.

360 Fitness Club does not only offer Circuit trainings but as well as other 30-minute programs and fun group classes such as Suspension trainings, Yoga, Running, Dance classes like Zumba and Pole dance.

Complete the circuit now and get a redefined total fitness.

360 Fitness Club Timog
2nd Floor ESNA Building, #30 Timog Ave., Quezon City
Facebook page: 360FitnessClub
Email: 360Fitness

Special shout out of thanks to Ms. Mars Callo!


  1. That is some exciting news man. Hope that goes well for you in your fitness!

  2. Hi Sir Kenley, you can do these workouts also, it does help :)


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