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Mizuno Launches the BE Casual Training Shoe

Mizuno Philippines has just launched last 6th of December 2012 its new minimalist-type, lightweight and durable training shoe - the Mizuno "Be". Inspired by the Waraji - sandals made from straw rope that were used in the past as standard footwear for the Samurai and Feudal soldiers of Japan, the "Be" aims to "activate your muscles for increased foot and lower limb strength" as what Waraji does.

Protruding toes on the Waraji

During the product launch, Ms. Jai D. Cortes of Master Sports Corporation explained that Waraji sandals were shorter than the feet of those wearing them, making the toes to protrude over the front edge of the sandal which aids in the stabilization of the body - a crucial form for Warriors and working people of Japan. These inspirations were then taken into account towards building the new Mizuno "Be" training shoes together with its other technical highlights such as the activation sockliner which allows the toes to naturally move up and down, and curl and grip - movements that activates the flexor digitorum longus and the flexor hallucis longus muscles situated across the base of our foot. Another technical highlight of the product is its dynamic function heel counter that cups your heel to improve the natural cushioning of the heel's pad fat.

The Mizuno "Be" however, is designed specifically as a training shoe only, targeted to be worn before or after your race, or even on your casual days. I still wonder why but on my own analysis from its unique sockliner design which gives the toes uneven surface than the metatarsal bones/ball of the foot, this might cause chaffing when used for a longer period and much stressful activity. Well, this has to be proven yet! *wink*

Mizuno Philippines also announced their delegates to the recently held 2012 Osaka Marathon last 25th of November. The delegates who represented the Country came from the Jump Start Movement headed by Coach Patrick Joson who was also present during the product launch. Other guests who graced the product launch were the team of Coach Miguel "Ige" Lopez from the RunningWild podcast.

"Wear them when you're not running, to improve performance when you are."

Watch the video below to learn more about the story behind "BE".

Check out also the photos below which were taken during the product launch.

Noelle de Guzman "KikayRunner" hosting the event
Coach Patrick Joson (left) with the MizunoPh Osaka Marathon delegates
Coach Ige Lopez (left) with his co-Runimals from the RunningWild podcast
The Mizuno "Be" collections
A closer look
The outsole design
Do you really think it's a trainer shoe only?

Keep posted on this blog for upcoming Mizuno "Be" voucher giveaway.

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