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Training by Depletion

There were times back in our ROTC in College when our Commander or Platoon Leader would leave us under the heat while in "tikas-pahinga" formation. In that position, you are not allowed to move a bit, scratch your itching nose, nor slouch your chest, and maintaining such rigidly-relaxed position for hours while giving us some lectures or... "sermons". One "sermon" that was still in my mind was about on how to have a stronger and enduring physical body than what we were before. And one of those was depriving us from hydrating when our body needs it until we feel so dry already while under the scorching sun.

This they say, are just a little kind of experience compared to what we will encounter should there be a war. Most of us complained on the first few weeks, but as our body adapts, the hours of getting sun-dried became just like a normal routine to most of us, if not all.

I thought about this a while ago, so I did a steady pace to complete a 15-km distance without hydrating all throughout and finish it within 1-hour and 40-minutes. Back in Baguio (and that's more than 10 years ago), I run daily for around 9 to 11 kilometers without the need for hydration until I get back home. But the climate there was different than here in the Metro. So I think that a 10-km run without hydrating is enough challenge already. But then I also need some mileage so I decided that a 15-km distance would suffice, and aside from that, the sun is already setting down - somehow a good advantage.
Chia seeds in my sports drink

But before I began, of course I banked-in a pre-run hdyration of around 300ml++ of a sports drink mixed with 2-teaspoons of Chia seeds. Then off I went for the mileage towards UP Diliman.

Since it was my first time that I planned of doing it here in the Metro, my mind was getting somewhat paranoid about getting dehydrated. And that was the greatest challenge, conditioning my mind that what I am doing will not kill me (but of course there's a high chance of passing out due to dehydration); and conditioning it that I can complete the whole distance without the need to re-hydrate until I finish.

I felt the signs of dehydration at the 9th-kilometer already. Arms and face are no longer sweating, it felt dry and cold, and my throat is already dry as well. Although I believe that my body can still go on, that my body can still find some source of water from deep within the wells inside my body, the signs of dehydration are our body's own way of telling us that we need to replenish the lost water in our body.

After 1-hour and 36.25-minutes, I successfully completed a total of 15.91-km distance, that's a back-and-forth route from V.Luna to UP Diliman with 4-rounds in Academic Oval. At a nearby carinderia near the apartment, I drank a glass of cold water to ease the dryness in my throat, walked for a few hundred meters to cool down, stretched, rest for a few minutes, took a bath, then ate my dinner.

So you would be asking why I did this? I was just curious of how long can I go without hydration, if my body can go beyond 10-kms -- that which I have previously done running in Baguio. I was able to conquer it, but that was because there was an absence of the scorching heat of the sun. Next plan is to do it early in the morning until the sun rises and begin to touch my skin from 10-kilometers onwards.

(Read more about trainings, health, and fitness at AktibokaBa?).

Disclaimer: This is in no way encouraging you to do the same without full knowledge of your own body's capability. What I can only advise to you is to start and train slowly, gradually, and better yet, with advise from your physician. Anyway, I'm not also discouraging you not to take risks but should you wish to do so, it is your own responsibility and do it at your own risk! Just remember to be safe always!

"The more pain I can take, the better runner I will be." - Ralph Walker (from the 2004 Movie 'Saint Ralph')


  1. That is something else man. you should maybe bring water just incase? or there are street venders selling it. lol bring a peso. i just bought some chai seeds. What do you use to blend?

  2. Oh, I thought of bringing water also but I might not be able to complete my target with hydration in my hand. But yeap I did bring some money on my pocket, and actually there are a lot of vendors on the route. And they were also one of the temptations for me to rehydrate already with their cold water, cold buko juice, softdrinks, etc. :)

    I don't blend my Chia seeds anymore. I just drop it and let it stay on the water for a few minutes then.. gulp =D

  3. Thats interesting Atom.. Just be safe. :D

  4. Safety is really a concern here that's why one must know his/her personal limits, capacity, as well as the environment he's running when doing this.

    Also I may add, the utmost dehydration might not be felt during the run, but even after finishing and while you're already at rest. That's why afterwards, you must immediately refuel and rehydrate.

    Thanks DaddyCastle :)


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