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Minimalist Zero Drop Shoe Transition Guide

Most Running Shoes are built on a 2-to-1 heel-to-toe ratio (Twice as thick in the heel as the forefoot). Zero Drop footwear by ALTRA has been built on a 1-to-1 ratio (The heel and forefoot are the same heights off the ground).

A lifetime of wearing an elevated heel has neutralized your Achilles and lower calf and THEY NEED TIME TO REDEVELOP!

Depending on your foot and calf strength, many runners will experience some lower calf tightness due to the natural loading effect of running with Zero Drop. Getting into Zero Drop Shoes will be an adjustment for many. Please read the appropriate directions depending on your shoe.

How to transition from traditional running shoes to Altra's Zero Drop and minimalist shoes:

For your first outing, go 1 mile wearing your minimalist shoes or barefoot. The following day, evaluate your level of comfort*. If you have no soreness, then add a ½ mile to your routine the following day. Continue running one day, evaluating the next until you get a bit sore. Once you get sore, you’ve found your base line and foundation to build from. Once you find your baseline, simply add a few minutes every couple of days to your routine and continue to evaluate on a regular basis. Within a few short weeks, you should be able to run long distances with no problems.

*The key to being successful in phasing in a minimalist routine is to evaluate your level of comfort and to find a base line to build from. If you get to the point during your workout where you feel uncomfortable, you have probably gone too long and will most likely be a little sore the next day. This is the premise for the whole program.

Zero Drop™ Footwear:

Zero Drop™ footwear offers runners the world's first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, training shoe without an elevated heel. This unique platform allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient, comfortable ride.

Zero Drop™ shoes are going to have a different feel than your traditional elevated heel shoes. Here are four suggestions to ease your transition:

  1. Listen to your body... avoid doing too much too soon
  2. It is HIGHLY recommended that you alternate
  3. Once your lower leg muscles and feet have become accustomed to the awesome natural loading effect of Zero Drop™ shoes, you can run all you want in your new ALTRA™ footwear!
  4. Work on your form. Take a class, video yourself, or otherwise be actively engaged in fine-tuning your running technique, as figured below.

More about Altra Shoe:


Environmentally friendly, this energy-return compound is made of recycled materials. Offering extra protection, this unique layer sits directly under the foot to return energy back into each stride. It reduces the impact of hard surfaces while still maintaining ground feedback. Traditional running shoe foam compresses 70-90% while A-Bound™ compresses 2-3x less so it won't deform over time.


Wrapping the midfoot, this innovative design offers a snug fit for necessary control. Customers will experience a natural, roomy toe environment and a better, more comfortable run.


Found in select Altra shoes, this comfortable, advanced stitching allows the foot to rest against a smooth surface with no seams.


Sandwiched near the foot, between the A-Bound™ and the midsole, the StoneGuard™offers flexible protection. This multi-sectional layer deflects rocks into the midsole for a smoother, more stable ride.

NRS - Natural Ride System™

This unique combination of outsole and midsole componentry with proper metatarsal parabola, Zero Drop™ platform and foot-shaped lasts allows people to run as nature intended.

Asymmetric Lacing

Following the volume heights of the foot, this lacing system improves the fit and natural flex zones in the shoe for a better fit and fewer pressure points.


Fitting snuggly around the calcaneus, this unique design offers a more comfortable fit without the traditional, stiff heel counter found in other performance shoes.


Stay in control on any steep descent with this throwback feature. It's a graceful nod to the very first trail running shoes.


Maximize proprioception with this minimalist sole. Crafted from siped performance rubber, this thin sole layer measures 3.4 mm.

TrailClaw™ Outsole

This outsole positions the strongest canted lug traction directly beneath the met heads with follow up 'claws' positioned near the front of the shoe. The combination of the unique uphill and downhill traction in combination with sticky rubber makes the TrailClaw™ Outsole a beast in any trail condition.

FootPod™ Outsole

For maximum flex and responsiveness, this outsole maps the bones and tendons of the human foot. With canted lugs mapping your foot, this unique outsole provides a natural, all-purpose traction system for a variety of surfaces from road to treadmill to dirt paths.

Visit Altra Running on Facebook, or you may also check out their website at Sing Phil Enterprises.

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