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Eva Peron and Cervical Cancer

by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

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Sixty years ago, Eva Peron was the wife of Juan Peron, the most powerful man in Argentina. When she first met him, he was a general who seized the dictatorship of Argentina. She was the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman and his mistress. Because her parents were not married, her father never acknowledged her birthright and she was very poor. She became a singer and crawled to the top of her profession on the basis of her talent and charisma. From the very first day that they met, Juan Peron constantly berated her for not being a virgin, and she always begged him to forget her past. Many times, she wrote to him, "Please think of me for what I am. Stop berating me for the things that I have done (with other men) before I met you."

MISDIAGNOSIS OF APPENDICITIS: In January, 1950, at age 30, Eva Peron, the most famous woman in Argentina, fainted in pubic and was diagnosed as having appendicitis and had her appendix removed. She really had cervical cancer. She continued to be weak and tired, and had horrendous vaginal bleeding. Later, she was diagnosed by her Argentinian gynecologist as having cervical cancer, but Juan Peron never told her of that diagnosis, probably because she was necessary for his re-election as president of Argentina in 1951.

SHE WAS NEVER TOLD SHE HAD CANCER. During the campaign in November 1951, she was put to sleep for surgery. She was told that she would have her uterus removed and that her surgeon would be the famous Argentinian surgeon, Ricardo Finochietto. After she was asleep, and without her knowledge, the noted American cancer surgeon, George T. Pack, entered the operating room and removed an extensive cancer of the cervix that had already spread to other parts of her abdomen. After he operated and before Eva Peron awoke, Dr. Pack left the operating room and headed to the airport for a plane back to New York. When she awoke, she was told that she had an uneventful removal of her uterus for bleeding. She was not told that she had cancer.

SHE ALSO WAS NEVER TOLD THAT SHE WAS GETTING A LOBOTOMY. The cancer returned soon after surgery and the pain became unbearable. Again, without Eva's knowledge, Juan Peron imported a neurosurgeon, who was an expert in lobotomies, to sever the nerves in the front of her brain. The surgeon felt that he could reduce emotional reactions to pain. Juan Peron didn't seem to care that lobotomies usually leave patients with the emotional and intellectual maturity of very young children. Eva Peon didn't know she was having cancer surgery or a lobotomy.

JUAN PERON'S FIRST WIFE HAD THE SAME DISEASE. Peron's first wife also died of cervical cancer, a venereal disease almost always caused by the Human Papilloma Wart Virus (HPV). It appears that it may have been no coincidence that both wives died of cervical cancer. Most likely, they both received the virus (HPV) that causes almost all cases of cervical cancer, from their same person, Juan Peron.

HYPOCRISY. He berated Eva for not being a virgin, but he most likely killed her by unwittingly giving her the same sexually-transmitted HPV that he had given to his first wife.

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