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A Year of Speed Puma Timegears

Just before the long trick-or-treating weekend arrived last week, Puma Time under L-TimeStudio launched to select sporty and fashion guests and bloggers their sleek, stylish, and sporty line-up of timegears, dispelling everyone from the notion that a sporty timepiece wouldn't look stylish for your everyday casual or fashionable outfit and for the fashionable one.

It was an all-treat product launching last October 29 at the Manila Intercon Hotel as Puma Time unveiled the variety of sporty timepieces of Puma, making it sure that you can grab one that will fit your active and fashionable lifestyle and that "the products represent modern designs for the wrist rather than technical devices that merely show the time".

Check out some of photos of Puma timepieces taken during the product launch:

Global Sr. Product Manager Jeremie Pannetier explaining how
fun and function mixed with Puma Timegears
Active Collection: FAAS 200
Active Collection: FAAS 250
Women's MotorSport Collection
Men's MotorSport Collection
For the candy-lover in you, there's the edible wrist watches  (kidding)
Don't run, bolt!
For the social, active, and fast lifestyles - they're all fashionable
Not just for the big ones, but also for that kid in the midst of
European models Sassa and Sandra and Kenyan Runners Jemutai and Elliud
White FAAS 200 over my dark skin

Check out more about the product info, press release, SRP, and other models at Aktibo Ka Ba?

Lots of thanks to L-Timestudio, Ms. Judith Staples and Sir Jeff Paulino.


  1. Thats really nice. by the way what time is it? lol

  2. Sir Kenley, it says here... time to buy your own Puma Timegear =D


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