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Run United's First 42K at the Philippine Marathon and Some Reminders

Many of us are already excited for the upcoming and first ever Run United Philippine Marathon this Sunday, October 28, 2012. But for those who haven't registered yet, head on now to Riovana (BGC or Katipunan) or at Toby's Sports (SM MOA, Trinoma) until the 26th of October and don't lose the chance of experiencing a great race with lots of surprises awaiting at the finish line which are made possible by United Laboratories Inc. and RunRio Inc.

The 21K category though is already closed, but the shorter distances of 10K, 5K, 3K and 500m dash for kids, and a few slots left for the highlight distance of 42K are still open.

Here are some of the new surprises awaiting for us on race day aside from the loot bag and finisher's items.
  • 990+ Security personnel scattered along the course from BGC to MOA.
  • More than enough hydration and banana stations spanning every 1.5 to 2 kilometers.
  • Festive event and finish area with a touch of Nationalism.
  • Red-carpet entrance to the finish line for the 42K runners.
  • Miniature Philippine flags will be given to runners prior to crossing the finish line.
  • Cowbells to boost you up as you sprint your last breath towards the finish line.
At the finish area, the Unilab Active Health Village will still pamper you with lots of surprises as you visit the different partner booths, the Active Zone, Runner's Lounge, and iConnect where you can have a wifi access powered by Globe.

Is it more than enough for a running event? Find out for yourself. But before you lace up and start running, please be heedful also of some of these reminders coming from RUPM's Race Director Coach Rio himself for our own safety and for much more organized and happier event:
  1. PLEASE come on-time. Fifteen (15) minutes after the gun-time, late participants will no longer be allowed to run. Whether you have prepared for this race or not, getting at the starting line (not just getting to the finish line) before the gun-time should be one of your primary target.

  2. Don't minimize the trash, but completely eliminate littering. 6-meters long of trash bins are located at each hydration stations, so PLEASE be sure to shoot those cups, banana peels, and empty energy packs.

  3. No bandits PLEASE! Non-registered pacer even if you have your own nutrition/hydration system are also not allowed along the course, and much more to the finish line.

  4. Hoarding? Races are not there as a venue to collect finisher's loots, hydrations, nor medals. Each registered runner is allotted only with one finisher's shirt, one post-hydration powerade/water, and one medal. There is also only one finish line for each category, that means each runner must cross the finish line only once, and claim a finisher's medal only ONCE. PLEASE do not hoard, be considerate to other runners who have also participated and have not yet claimed their own.

  5. Do not cause bottle-necking at and near the finish line. Even you wanted to cross the finish line without anyone blocking your way. So PLEASE "do unto others what you want others do unto you."
I'm sure there are a lot more reminders and guidelines that should govern us as a runner, but we should not wait to have it imposed on us. We should always think and act goodly to ourselves, to our co-runners, and even to the race organizers, race volunteers and Personnel.

Let us not wait until someone creates a law that will penalize us just for these simple and avoidable wrongdoings. Even I have been guilty of some, of just leaving my trash along the road, of not being considerate at times, but we should change our old and wrong ways now that we are already, or more aware about it. Try it, it also feels good!

For further information or inquiries on race details, results, photos and discussions, please visit the following websites: or


  1. Lots of common sense but a lot of people arw clueless. lol. Are you running it?

  2. Haha absolutely clueless that it's wrong but more than aware that it's...wrong! =D
    Yes Sir kenley, will run my sudden 3rd Marathon here since there was no more 21K available.


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