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Chia Seeds - A Superfood?

I first came to know about this wonderfood when I read about it last year in an article somewhere I can no longer recall. Salvia Hispanica or Chia Seeds, were said to be a forgotten crop of the Aztecs Civilization, and was first used as food as early as 3500 BC. Chia was a significant food to them as rice is to us Filipinos, actually it was far more an important food crop than our rice as its history recorded that Chia seeds were even used as ritual offerings and currency to pay tribute to the nobility and priesthood.

It was also said that the Aztec warriors were solely fueled by Chia seeds as their food and water for their hydration during conquests that they called it their "Running Food" because aside from it being lightweight and easy to carry in small pouch, it gives them energy and endurance. The Tarahumara people - the Native Americans of Northwestern Mexico, who are well renowned for their Athletic prowess due to their endurance ability of running 320 kilometers (200 miles) over a period of just two days -- were also known as Chia seeds consumers.

Sadly, Chia seeds was lost during the conquest of the Spaniards to the Aztec civilization due to religious reasons, the introduction of new foods, and as the Spaniards also prohibited the farming of Chia. It was only re-discovered in the 1990s through the research and development program under the Northwestern Argentina Regional Project where it sprouted back and experienced a resurgence.

Chia seed is the highest known plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids (specifically Alpha-linoleic acid), about 25% protein, 30% oil, a substantial 25% dietary fiber, all the essential amino acids, antioxidants, calcium, iron, vitamins A and C, potassium, phosphorous, B vitamins including folic acid, and magnesium. Now that made it a Superfood, all those essential nutrients super-packed on a tiny seed!

Real Chia's Nutrition Information
With all these summarized history of the Chia seed, I am also glad and happy to announce that this Super food is now in our shores, well more than a year already but I never knew of its existence here until I saw Real Chia's facebook page a few weeks ago.

My first consumption of the Chia was a night before my 21K race for the final leg of the 2012 RunRio Trilogy. I just mixed a teaspoonful of Chia into my 330ml drinking water, times two as I made another one after I finished the first serving. It has been long taught to us runners never to take first-time foods a few days before our race but during this eve, curiosity was more powerful than knowledge.

Gladly, even though it was supposed to flush and clean-up my gut, one of its effect on me was a delayed onset of my bowel movement. No, I wasn't constipated, and it's not lose either. I was still able to have a daily visit to my "throne" but the evacuation amount wasn't as much as before. It was only 5 nights after (that's Wednesday) when all the debris of my large intestine was finally expelled, and surprisingly, it looks like a clean and healthy poop as there was only very little gas/smell and has a light-brown color, not so yellow and not so brown.

So far, that's just the only noticeable effect to me aside from the fact that I've been enjoying the Chia on my drinks, in water or on my evening hot-choco. I am actually a non-eater of plain fiber foods, but what I like about the Chia seeds is that it has a neutral taste, can be eaten raw, it has almost unnoticeable nutty-smell, and its gel-like structure after 5 or more minutes in water/liquid that becomes similar to the seeds my favorite passion fruit, only much tinier.

Chia seeds on water
Passion fruit

Keep posted here in my blog for more of my Chia consumption, and who knows I might get you a 7-day trial pack of this Superfood. ;) For now, you may look up to for the product info, and I'm also sharing this site I found for Chia recipes.

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