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Test Your Fears: Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run 2012 FAQs

Here are more details regarding the Immuvit Fearless Trail Challenge Leg 1 happening on August 26, 2012 at the La Mesa Nature Reserve (La Mesa Dam). Information about the route, shuttle services can be read below.

Event Objectives

- Create a Challenge Trilogy focused on meta-fitness and trail distance running with obstacles.

- Create a new category in the endurance and challenge events that shall be noteworthy.

Is it open to all? Who can join the Challenge?

Participants must have completed at least a 10K road race and submit their best times to participate in the challenge.

Is it road or trail?

It is a TRAIL course with obstacles set every 1.5km.

Will shuttles be provided?

As an add-on service, free bus rides will be provided. Participants are not required to pay the bus ride. Organizers hired these vehicles to assist the participants. Specific waves and schedules are pre-assigned. Bus departure schedules are given during the registration.

Please see matrix as guide:

*Participants are required to check-in at least 30-minutes before their designated wave/release time at the starting point.

  • Bus assembly is at Shell Commonwealth Avenue, near UP University Avenue entrance, across UP-Ayala Techohub.

  • Participants are advised to be at the assembly station at least 30 minutes before their scheduled bus departures. Bibs will serve as bus stubs or tickets.

  • Buses will start to load at 15 minutes before departure time. Departure schedule will be strictly followed whether passengers are complete or not.

Can we bring guests?

Non-participants are welcome within the venue provided that they are with a registered participant, however, free transportation does not cover the non-participants. Only participants are allowed to take advantage of this service. No bibs/stubs, no ride.

Will there be parking?

YES, and there will be no parking fees. There are very limited parking slots. Availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Can I get a map of the route?

We will release the route map one week prior to the event. It will be posted online and made available on race day.

Is there a cut-off time?

YES, cut-off are as follows:

5K – 2hrs

10K – 4hrs

Runners who are still running beyond cut-off time may be allowed to finish the course at the discretion of the organizers. Anyone along the route who is past cut-off time will have their bibs marked and will not be regarded as a finisher and shall not receive a medal.

What are the prizes?

Only one winner per category, per gender. (Total of 4 winners)

There will be cash and product prizes from Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. and partners sponsors.

  • 10K Male and 10K Female: PhP 10,000.00 + Trophy

  • 5K Male and 5K Female: PhP 5,000.00 + Trophy

There will only be 1 Male and 1 Female awardee, which will be determined by each participant's best time after all the deductions are made.

Will there be finisher’s shirt and medals?

No finisher’s shirt but there will be an Immuvit Fearless challenge Finisher's medal for all 10K finishers and 5K finishers who completed all obstacles. Non-finishers (DNF) shall receive certificates only.

Is it true that slots are limited?

YES, the event is limited to 500 participants only. Maximum of 200 participants for 5K and 300 participants for 10K.

When can we claim race kits?

Race bibs are available upon registration; singlets however are available from August 15 onwards.

Hydration & Nutrition

Minimize Disposables. There will be minimal use of plastic/paper cups in any portion of the route. Participants are encouraged to bring any other hydration gear. Belts and packs are also allowed. This is in line with the efforts in promoting a more environment-friendly lifestyle in running.

How many hydration stations will be there?

There will be FIVE (5) water stations along the route with water, and one at the Start/Finish line.

Additional information:


  1. YOUR race bibs must be pinned in front of your shirt while participating in the activity. Race bibs/numbers are not transferrable.

  2. Participants must be aged 25 years old and above on the date of event to be eligible to participate.

  3. The race is not an ordinary trail race and contains challenging obstacles. Participants may opt out from a particular obstacle but they will be given a time penalty of 3-minutes for every obstacle missed. Control marshals in the obstacle areas will record this.

  4. Participants are not required but are recommended to wear gloves, elbow pads, rash guards, and trail shoes to ensure their safety.

  5. Trail route cutting participants shall be automatically disqualified. There will be route marshals recording your passage.

  6. All participants are required to get loop markers on designated control areas.

  7. Participants are required to bring a whistle. This mandatory equipment will be checked during race check-in. All participants who will encounter an emergency or get into such must blow their whistles to call attention.

  8. All protests related to the results must be made in writing and submitted to the Race Director within 30-minutes after the official announcement of winners. A protest fee of Php 1,500.00 shall be required for every protest made.


  1. Drinking water will be provided at selected points along the route but runners are also encouraged to be self-sufficient regarding hydration and nutrition.

  2. Medical aid will be available at certain points along the route.


No portalet units will be deployed along the route. Open shower/Toilets and portalets will only be available at the assembly/activity area.


There are allocated parking areas, however limited. Please do not leave any valuables inside your vehicle. Organizers are not liable for any loss.


Baggage deposit service is available from 4:00AM to 13:00. Organizers will not be liable for any loss.

A link to race results and photos shall be found at

Other relevant race details may be found from this post: Immuvit Fearless Trail Challenge

FOR EVENT-RELATED INQUIRIES: (office hours only, 9am-5pm) Call (02) 383-7658

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