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Fun Hike at Mt. Maculot

Elevation: 947m
Ascent/Descent Dates: 02-03 April, 2011
Entry/Exit Point: Brgy. Poblacion 7, Cuenca, Batangas
Other Names: Mt. Macolod, Mt. Makulot

Satellite Map:

In Photos:
The first-time climbers
Two lovely welcome at Brgy. Poblacion Siete
The whole gang with our guides
Entrance to Mt. Maculot via Rocky Road
The lead group
The sweepers
First peak at Taal lake
How the trail path for the mountaineers was made possilble
One of our guide, sending SMS with the other group
The first ascent
Mountaineer's creed: "Basura ay linisin, para kalinisan ay purihin." - 440th AMG

Surprise! A buko-stop
Lian? Lianne? Lee Anne? (forgot her name)
Climbers refreshed at the third buko-checkpoint
Mountaineer's creed: "Ating kalikasan alagaan dahil ito ang karugtong ng ating buhay at linisin ang paligid para ito'y maging malinis." - 440th AMG

the Town at the mid-viewpoint from Mt. Maculot
Getting near the peak
Mountaineer's creed: "Ilayo ang daigdig sa global warming, magtanim ng mga puno at wag putulin." - 440th AMG

This tree is waiting for spring-time
A broader view of the houses and buildings below
The mountain to traverse towards grotto
Mountaineer's creed: "Linisin ang ating kapaligiran upang hindi magalit sa atin si inang kalikasan." - 440th AMG

Yet another surprise - a store at the summit
Setting up of tents at the summit's camp site
Planning their first round of Tanduay
Commemorative marker of PAF's adoption of Mt. Makulot
To the Rockies
A steep descend before climbing the rockies
The scenic Taal lake will put you in a daydream...
...and bring out your natural idiotic face
Other climbers now going down from the Rockies
Easy climb to the wall formations of the rockies

A more than 180-degrees view of Taal lake
Much greater view at the cliff side
The brave ones
The braver one
Breathtaking sunset, the last time I saw a sunset from a mountain was
when I was still in 3rd year high school
Early sleeping time
While others found their fancy with some horror-story-telling time
couple it with drinking session while the cold wind blows
and of course, it's a good time to get emotional alone inside your tent :)
Glad our tents are still intact in the morning despite those heavy wind blows during the night
Preparing our morning boodle-fight
... and there was no photo, not one photo was captured during our dinner nor during the breakfast. Hungry mammals!

The whole gang minus one (the photographer)
Our TNL guides with their angry birds
*Some photos courtesy of Leo Manalaysay and Shai Palic-ad


  1. so breathtaking!!! I want to sit on that cliff! I hope I can do that one someday!

  2. @Ian, tara ulitin na yan sa gulugod naman :)

    @Noel, you can if you will :D


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