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Stradcom's Running Clinic

Stradcom Corporation, the IT Company owned by Mr. Ceazar T. Quiambao and my employer for more than 9 years already, has always been a provident supporter for intellectual (education) and physical development (sports) advocacies. And four weeks ago, I received an e-mail from our HR department inviting us to support an upcoming fun run to be held on July 7 - the Schools Run for School Rooms. Leo and I were tasked to lead the invitation among our co-employees who would be interested and for just a few days, more than 100 of our officemates gave their intent to join.

A handful of them will be running for the 3K and 5K distances, while most of the "Barako" in the office from the Field Services and Logistics department would be challenging themselves for the 10K category. Realizing that 99% of them will be first timers or are not yet into the sports of running, Leo and I decided and proposed a mini-training/running clinic for them and we're glad that it was immediately approved by our HR head.

Digging back my stocked knowledge from my own trainings, seminars, and experiences gained from running, I was able to prepare a training plan specifically designed for our "busy" schedule. With only a few weeks left before the event, while also considering the ongoing twice a week bowling tournament for most of the fun run participants, ongoing project deadlines, and everyone's schedules (mine as well), we could only hold the trainings on the remaining three Saturdays prior to the event.

First session attendees
Originally, our plan was to hold the training together with our Six:30 running group, but since the group have already planned a much advanced training goals for the upcoming Milo eliminations, we did not pushed-through with it.

I know a 3-day running clinic (one session each week) would not be enough to prepare them into a race-ready fitness level so I've decided that it would be best to just give them a kind of "running activation" training program. The training will not purely concentrate on mileage familiarity but will also be composed of activities that will prepare and activate their running body - joint flexibility, core strength, balance, and leg muscles.

I was having doubts if the clinic will be attended by those who confirmed to join. Arriving at around 6AM of June 16 for the first session, I saw a lot of people doing their own trainings. Some runners wearing green singlets with tagline at the back "Kaya mo 'yan!" caught my attention freezing me for a moment then suddenly... oh crap, I totally forgot that I also have my own Milo APEX trainings each Saturday. Now I would be missing 4 Saturday trainings aside from other weekday sessions that I have already missed and might still miss.

Day 1
The plan for the first day Strathletes' training is to introduce and give them some idea about the basics of running starting with the proper running form and posture of the head, shoulders, arms, back, hips, legs and foot; proper breathing; ideal warm-up to do before running; and the post-run cooldown stretching.

Drills to activate the proper running form
After the short lecture and introduction, the principles that I hope they learned were applied by doing dynamic warm-ups and run drills that will help to correct their running posture. A short run followed, with a distance of just 1.1km for the 3k participants, 2.2km for the 5k participants, and supposed to be 4.4km for the 10k participants. Since only Roger attended from the 10k participants who also helped during the training session, we've skipped the run session for the 10K's. After the short run, the participants did static stretching to relax their muscles back.

Day 2
The second training session was introduced with dynamic warm-up like the first session and mixed with some dynamic stretching to prepare them for the main workout that will help expand their lung capacity, strengthen the legs, and fire-up the fast-twitch leg muscle fibers. After the workout, the 3k participants lead by Mack did a fun-filled 2.2km and 3.3km easy run for the 5k participants lead by Leo. Cooldown stretching followed afterwards.

One of the leg workouts
Day 3
The last session of our training was much attended than the previous two sessions and more first timers (from running and for the training) also came. The training plan for this session was slightly modified for the anticipation of those who would join the running clinic for the first time.

Core training
The composition of the training still includes dynamic warm-up, and with more dynamic stretchings introduced. The main workout was for the core strength and leg balance, which proved that most of them still have a lot to improve on this matter. But the purpose is at least to get their body acquainted with these needed strength for running.

After the workout, it was followed with a 3.3km easy run for the 3k participants lead by Ian and sweeped by Mak while 5k participants did a 4.4km lead by Leo and Roy as the sweeper.

Cooldown stretch
Although there were only less than 20% from those joining the fun run attended each of the clinic session, and a total of 38 attendees for the whole duration of the program (plus three cute little kids who also stomped their feet), the training was fulfilling and heart-warming knowing that we were able to share our knowledge to our closest colleagues whom we have been always with for 5-days a week, 12-months a year, and for more than 9 years already and still counting. I hope those who attended will soon engage themselves into regular running and embrace another kind of more healthy lifestyle.

The graduates
Those who have completed the whole training session, gave their efforts, and showed great interest for the training were awarded with Diadora singlets, and the other participants were also glad to have been raffled with knap sack bags and singlets courtesy of Diadora Philippines (thanks to Ms. Lia of Royal Sporting House for the items).

Raffle winners
Soon-to-be Diadora models?
If you want to train more, learn more about running, and gain more friends who are also into healthy running, do join the Six:30 running group in our regular runs and trainings at UP - our closest training ground surrounded with fresh air and lush trees. If you can't make it in the morning, there are also Saturday trainings being held at the Ultra track oval in Pasig by HyperSports Philippines.

Last day session attendees
'Til next time and see you running and finishing strong on your first race.

More photos of the training from my facebook album.


  1. wah...... need to change my name na..... from running ironman to running indian. sorry pedz!

  2. ayan RunningIndian, wala ka tuloy Diadora singlet. I-like mo na lang ung Diadora Phils. Running Team :)


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