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Run for Light - Inspired by a Blind Runner

Saturday morning, it was raining since a few days ago and this bed-weather almost made me hibernate at my Saturday race schedule. I alarmed one and half hour prior but ended waking-up with only 45-minutes left before the 10K gun-time so in just less than 15-minutes, I was all geared-up and headed to BGC without taking a bath (yeah, pardon me!).

I arrived at the venue in Minds Museum just a few minutes before 5:30AM, and luckily, the gun-start was re-scheduled to 5:40AM where Ka-Nonoy and Ka-Totoy (they're not related to each other) also arrived to participate on this fund-raising run for Stiftung Solarenergie's beneficiaries.

The event was gathered by no less than 300 runners but at the same time, it was also attended by some Celebrities like Mr. Kim Atienza and Mr. Gilbert Remulla (whom I didn't recognized at first). There were also some students who participated for the event, and I guess, if the rain didn't come, it would've been well-attended.

Just a minute before the gun-start, the rain started to pour, and as we were sent-off, it showered heavily on us (now I'm taking a bath) and sometimes the wind would also blow right in-front of us, creating heavy resistance coupled with our gears getting heavy with the water. As we push heavily, I saw two members of Team R.O.X - the blind runner Aga and Gado - Aga's ever-supportive runner-guide. I first saw them during the HyperSports Get Fit run and I knew they are such a strong, fast, and one of the best running partners.

Gado and Aga (Team ROX)
Since the main guest of the event was absent (the sun's solar energy) and TD "Ferdie" was on the loose, I thought I would be able to maintain a race pace throughout the 10KM distance so I followed Gado and Aga's pace, to observe how they run, hydrate, and how do they do their tag-team racing. I was trailing behind them until about more than 8 kilometers and all I could say is that "they're both magnificent and amazing"!

If you don't know that Aga is a blind runner, you wouldn't even notice his disability. He is fast, full of stamina and perseverance! There were times that I would hear Gado asking Aga if he want to hydrate or take it slow but Aga would just reply that he is still okay, and thus they go on without taking walk breaks. Such a great man, a blind runner running for a cause, running for light not for his own, but for other people. I got inspired with their determination that I was also challenged not to take walk breaks until they do so (dakilang buntot)!

My attention went away at the remaining 2 to 3 kilometers from the finish line when I noticed that Kuya Nonoy was already far from me and still going strong, he looks light while running barefoot. I wondered how does the wet asphalt and concrete felt on each strides of his feet. I was thinking that it could have a massaging and cooling effect that I almost wanted to take off my shoes already and let my feet also feel the ground.

Getting near the finish line, I tried to speed up more and keep up with Kuya Nonoy. My chest was already heavy and I'm puffing hard but thanks for the sun's absence that I was still able to push and push myself more. Just a few meters to the finish line, I got close to Kuya Nonoy and cheered him "Go Kuya Noy!" and as he heard my voice, he added more speed and unexpectedly, we both sprinted and gave our all for a chase towards the finish line.

Kuya Nonoy got his PR and I also got my new 10K sub-50 surpassing my previous sub-50s two years ago now ranking 2nd as my best 10K PR (I still can't beat my first best)!

On the other hand, I've noticed that Kuya Kim was also that fast as well and on my approximation, he might have also finished below 50-minutes and Gilbert Remulla might have crossed the finish line within 50 to 55 minutes.

Photo courtesy of RJ Knight Runner
During the awarding, the top 10 runners from each category were picked. Unfortunately, some of the runners who got in were no longer present to claim their medal. Perhaps they didn't know that there will be an award for the top 10 finishers. On the 10K, Mark Hernz of Team PPB got called-in as the 6th place finisher. Other awards were biggest delegation were Shell got the place and they were given an option to choose their own beneficiary for Solar-powered lanterns.

Kuya Totoy with Team ROX (Mariel, Gado, Aga)
with Kuya Nonoy, Mr. Gilbert Remulla, and Mark Hernz
with Mr. Matanglawin - Kuya Kim  (Bib#s: 1198 and 1189)
Nathan Products showcased by ROX
Philippines' 3rd solar-powered racer - Sikat II
Solar panels, the smallest retails for Php 2,500 and the larger one is Php 15,000
Both can give out energy for approx. 20 years. It would be really
wonderful to have a house all-powered up with Solar energy.
Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 00:47:43

Race Info:
When: July 21, 2012.
Where: 3rd Ave., BGC, Taguig
Event: Stiftung Solarenergie Philippines' Run for Light

You may now check your official race results.

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